A Busy Writing Crafting Autumn

Have you noticed that I haven’t written anything here for the past couple of months? I’ve been busy writing, but not here. The Valley Harvester, a small local paper that is a part of the Halifax Chronicle Herald has asked me to write an article every month for them. Since they have the rights to the articles that I send them, I cannot post them here. But I can give you a link to them. Here are a couple:




It has been interesting writing about something and then actually seeing it in the newspaper, with my name attached! You could say it makes me more aware of the wider audience than here in the blog, and so I’m editing more and trying harder.

Imagine my surprise when I started getting emails from friends in Newfoundland congratulating me on getting published in The Evening Telegram in St. John’s and The Western Star in Corner Brook! Apparently that’s what they meant when they said they have the ‘rights’ to my articles- they can be picked up by an affiliate newspaper. A humbling but exciting experience to be sure.

But I miss writing here!

Also I have been taking a writing course the past couple of months, Jeff Brown’s Writing Your Way Home, and I’ve been doing a lot more writing for it. It’s mostly been learning to find my ‘writer’s voice’ and to get more into the nitty gritty of my sometimes messy life. It has actually changed the way I see myself as a writer, which is not a bad thing.

In the meantime I have been doing the usual Autumn craft shows with my lavender wares front and center. I did a great show in Antigonish in September, a two day juried show. After much fear and trepidation, I showed up and had the best show of my life! I will go back next year, if they will have me. It was called Windfall Fine Art and Handcraft Market, and was well organized, well publicized and well attended. People loved my lavender things, but in particular the Lavender Body Butter and Lavender and Wheat Eye Pillows.


Then I’ve had a couple more shows in October and November, one left in December and that will be it for another year. I have to say, it’s been rewarding as people call for repeat orders of body butter and I’m quickly selling out.

I hope you’re having a great fall!


Just Show Up!

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 25 of 84

The other day someone thanked me for doing this No Negativity challenge. They thanked me for getting up every day and writing. Some people say, “I could never write something new every day.”

My answer is, “Well, I can’t either.”


Aren’t you doing it?

It’s like this. I have committed to writing every day except Sunday, for 84 days, about getting the negativity out of my life. It’s not easy every day. I procrastinate. I whine to myself. And then I stare at this blank page. I say a prayer, and then I wait. I push out the negative thoughts and begin. I tell myself that I can do this. I think that just the fact that the empty page is in front of me is a beginning.

“Just show up!” is a mantra I have said to myself for the past few years. It’s like when I don’t want to exercise but I know I have committed to doing it, just the act of putting on the gym clothes and standing on the treadmill is enough to get me started. Sometimes I rebel in my mind right to the time I start the treadmill. I tell myself that I will just go slow and not exert any energy. I will just ‘show up’ but nothing else. I will go through the motions just so that I can say I did it.

It’s like I’m saying, “I might be standing on the treadmill, but in my mind I’m still in bed.”

And before I know it, the treadmill is going faster and faster and I’m getting a good morning workout, just because I ‘showed up’.

 show up

At the end of the workout, I feel so good about myself. I’m proud of myself because I honored a self-promise.

It’s the same with writing, with getting the negativity out of my mind. I guess either it’s not natural to be positive, or that there is so much negativity around that you have to make a conscious effort to go against the flow. I have to say though, that when I ‘show up’ on the positivity front, it puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day; it makes me more compassionate when I am not critical of others and it also makes me a more loving person.

Now that’s positive!

Today I am happy and grateful for

1. The most beautiful starlit night

2. Living in a place that I love

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

4. Purple shoes

5. A photo of an eight year old me that sits on my desk.