VeeVee’s Boutique!

There’s a new thrift shop opening next week in my town! Yes, Value Village will be opening its doors to the citizens of the Annapolis Valley very soon.

We jokingly call it VeeVee’s Boutique, but really, it’s a great place to get all things second hand, from clothing to furniture to anything a person would need in the kitchen. Actually you can buy anything you would need in a house or garage.

Their slogan is “We keep millions of items out of landfills every year!” Value Village is one of the best second hand shops around.

In an effort to simplify life around here, I have been gathering up various things from around the house to help a good cause. It’s a win-win situation because Value Village helps many charitable organizations as well as employing many people; and I get to donate all this stuff.

Donating helps me get rid of things I don’t have the audience for on kijiji and articles I can’t bring to consignment shops or used book stores because they are not clothing or books. It has felt so good to liberate space in the house and get rid of some things I have been looking at forever that don’t make me happy at all. The great thing is that someone else will be happy to have these things and will put them to good use.

Like the old tapestry suitcase full of craft supplies that I haven’t used in 8 years. And yarn that I will never use. Also several picture frames that have been behind the bookcase for the past five years. Once I get on a roll I would just throw out everything in the house. Decorative tins, tired lampshades, books, ornaments, even some silverware. How about six apple baking dishes that I got on sale 10 years ago and only used once? And pottery goblets that were cute when I bought them 7 years ago but never used? It gets exciting to open a cupboard and see where things used to topple over one another and now there is just a space.

I have to make sure I don’t start filling my spaces with more crap that I may or may not use. Like, how many coffee machines do we really need? I found a great Cuisinart one at Frenchys last year and use it all the time. So the two Krups machines languish in the basement, waiting for the Cuisinart to break.

But it probably won’t break.

Instead of owning my stuff, my stuff had started to own me.

So far I have brought two carloads of items to Value Village, and I have another lot ready to bring tomorrow. I had often worried that the things I get rid of today, for sure next week I will go looking for them. However, that very seldom happens.


My rule of thumb has been, if I haven’t used it in the past 1 – 3 years then it might be time to consider tossing it.

I have decided to use my living space to live in, not to store things in! And as there is more and more space in the closets and cupboards, I begin to see more clearly and feel more at peace with myself.

How about you? Do you have a place to get rid of things that are dragging you down? Are you willing to part with them?