Eat Where You Are


                                           Eat Where You Are: A Memoir in Recipes

Interesting title, don’t you think? That’s the name of the book that I have been working on for the past two years. After many hours in front of the computer editing, formatting and inserting; and on the phone to my mom discussing stories and recipes, all that was left were the finishing touches like, the title, introduction, dedication, and what to put on the back cover. On a momentous day in June, I pushed the ‘send’ button and away went my manuscript across cyberspace all the way to Winnipeg to be printed up. There was no going back after that!

So…now my book is finished, printed and is officially for sale!! It arrived on a hot day in late July while my parents were visiting; I couldn’t imagine a better time! My parents, my husband and I spent the rest of that day looking through my masterpiece…excitement reigned!

This picture says it all…

Here is what is written on the back cover!

           Have you ever visited Newfoundland and returned home wanting to try some of their delicious foods? Did you wonder what a touton was?

Ever eat hommous, tabouli  or baklava and wanted to make those and other Lebanese dishes?  How about Quebec cuisine?  While you are eating turkey dinner at Christmas, what are Les Quebecois eating? What is the secret to good Poutine?

These questions and more are answered in this very different cookbook / memoir.

Born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland into a Lebanese family, Christine Faour has developed an eclectic cooking repertoire. From her Newfoundland and Lebanese roots, she raised her own family in Deux Montagnes, Quebec where she prepared some popular French Canadian “plats de resistance”.  She homeschooled her three sons and cooked wholesome, make-ahead recipes that suited a busy lifestyle.

Here you will find a compilation of recipes and stories from those years as well as some of her families’ favorites, both past and present.

This book also reveals the incredible story behind Christine’s famous Divorce Fudge.

The front cover depicts a dresser that has been in my family for four generations and it’s story is on page 79. Placed on the dresser are framed photos of my husband and I, my three sons, and my parents.

Get your copy of Eat Where You Are by clicking on the Buy Now button at the right, or to learn more about the book, its chapters and a feature recipe,  click here

2 thoughts on “Eat Where You Are

  1. Is there a knitting group in Lower Sackville or HRM that I could join?


    • I don’t know. I found my knitting group through the Wolfville and Area Newcomers club. We meet every other Monday year round. I belong to another group in Kentville that a friend started. She just put the coffee on every wednesday and let it be known that she would be knitting and that everyone was welcome. That was five years ago and we have been 5 – 8 people ever since. You could try that if you know at least one other person who would knit with you…it kind of spreads after that.
      Good luck!Christine


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