Where Are My Glasses?

How’s your eyesight? Are you still wishing for longer arms to read the nutrition information on that box of cereal? Or have you graduated to drug store reading glasses?

I have done the latter for many years now. I have a complete wardrobe of glasses in different colors and styles that go with just about every outfit imaginable. My friend Bob gets a kick out of seeing what I’m going to wear next- purple glasses to go with my purple t-shirt, pink to go with my pink dress, and on it goes. Glasses had become a fashion statement as well as a necessary appendage.

I have kept reading glasses in the car, by the phone, in the bathroom, on my night table, in my purse, on my desk and anywhere else in the house where I might need to use my eyes. And then there is a collection of glasses-in-waiting in my desk drawer, in different strengths for different uses. There is even a pair with built in lighting  which I sometimes use for knitting or threading a sewing needle.


After playing around with reading glasses for the past 10+ years, I finally got tired of constantly showing up in photos with glasses on my head and the never ending putting them on and taking them off depending on my activity. Once I went to the grocery store to buy some tomato sauce and reached on top of my head for the glasses- Oh no!! They weren’t there. So I had to ask a clerk to come read the labels for me. A good thing she wasn’t busy-

A couple of weeks ago I went for an eye exam. Previous exams had the optometrist telling me that drug store glasses were fine, but this time I found out that not only did I need reading glasses but also something for distance. We went through choosing frames while she told me how progressive lenses work and also that it would take some time to get used to them. I chose a nice purple and black frame that suited my face and my passion (lavender).

The great day came when my glasses were ready and I went to get them. They felt good, looked good and I didn’t have to take them off until bedtime. Imagine, no more off and on all day long.

“Just put them on when you get up, and take them off at bedtime.”

That was yesterday.

This morning I was in the bathroom fixing my hair (while wearing my new glasses) when I noticed my reflection looked different.

Oh my God! Now I was seeing myself as others always see me for the first time and it wasn’t pretty. I thought I had, at 64, pretty good skin tone and not too much in the wrinkle department.

Big surprise for me. I was seeing my real face for the first time in many years. And so now I realize that I not only am 64; I also look 64. I had to be sure. I took off the glasses and saw my usual self. I put them back on and saw my real self.

Hello real self! Let’s be best friends.


One thought on “Where Are My Glasses?

  1. You look great for 64, Christine!


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