No BLTs until Christmas

Thirteen days ago I started my Christmas baking.

Thirteen days ago I made the revered Biscuits aux Cerises de ma Tante, an annual Christmas tradition in my house. They are sweet, delectable and irresistible. With all my boys and their significant others coming home for Christmas, how could I not make their favorite treat?

One batch makes a complete cookie sheet full. When they came out of the oven the aroma was intoxicating: buttery shortbread base and cherries with cornflakes and a carmelicious topping.


Oh my!

I usually cut them up into squares to be put away for when the family arrives on Christmas Day, and that’s what I started to do thirteen days ago.

Betcha can’t eat just one!


Before I knew what had happened, a whole row of cherry squares had disappeared! Just gone into thin air.

I thought of an old rhyme from my youth:

“Over the lips, through the gums,

look out tummy, here it comes!”

Yes, I ate a whole row. A whole row in a cookie sheet makes about ten squares. Yep that was what I ate. The first couple went down pretty good, but after that I was eating cherry squares by rote, automated, in a daze.

A little while later I felt so toxic and uncomfortable you can’t imagine. My tummy hurt, my head hurt; heck, even my feelings hurt.

I did it to myself.

The other eight rows of squares went into the freezer and I wondered how I would cope with the rest of the Christmas baking. Doing the calculation, I figured that after I made the shortbreads, soda cracker candy, Swiss cookies and chocolate chip cookies, I was in line for the most major sugar rush and weight gain imaginable if I continued to eat out of control like that.

I had to do something.

Thirteen days ago I decided to have no more sugar until Christmas.

And I haven’t had any.

Since the ‘cherry square day’ I have been to three pot lucks, an open house, two other gatherings of friends and two family dinners. Not only that, all my baking is done.

I did not have so much as one BLT (Bite, Lick or Taste) of sugar in all that time and I am so proud of myself.

Not only that, my digestion has been perfect.

Not only that, I feel focused and determined.

In addition, I have a little more energy.

And I’m finding my mood is more stable. That’s a lot of benefits from abstaining from sugar for 13 days, don’t you think?

But that’s not all. I have actually lost a couple of pounds at a time of year when most folk, myself included, usually gain seven pounds. I had to white knuckle it the first couple of days but after that it got easier. It became like a game to me.

In one more day it will be Christmas and you can rest assured I will have some dessert and a couple of sweets, but after that I think I will continue my sugar fast until Valentine’s Day.

Would you like to join me?


10 thoughts on “No BLTs until Christmas

  1. Looks delicious., Merry Christmas and best wishes for a New Year.

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  2. I haven’t had sugar for over a year and it is the best thing I have ever done. As a self proclaimed sugar addict I can honestly tell you that yes it can be done. We can live without sugar. The health benefits are amazing and the weight loss has been effortless. I have discovered there a lot of Christmas “treats” that can be made without sugar, don’t cloud your brain or raise your insulin levels and taste divine. Merry “sugarless” Christmas everyone.

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  3. Christine, your cherry biscuits look absolutely scrumptious, hard to resist.
    Enjoy the time with your family at this special time of year.
    You certainly have a lot of willpower, Christine.
    At this time of the year, it’s fun to taste all the special baked treats.
    Wishing you and Dave a healthy 2018.

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  4. I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and instructed by my doctor to cut out red meat, white flour, butter and sugar. It was rough at first but a little easier now. Sugar is most definitely the hardest thing to give up so be proud of yourself!

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  5. You’re amazing. I could not do it. So happy for you, that your whole gang is coming for Christmas. By the way, this year we had the roles reversed. Bob did almost all the cookies, including the Swiss ones. Have a most blessed Christmas. Wished I could drop by for a taste of thise squares. Erica

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