After the Pruning Comes the Harvest

People around here who know me know that I love lavender. It all started in 2009 when I went out looking for my first job in 20 years and ended up working at a lavender farm in St Eustache, Quebec. It was a rough time in my life, post-divorce, and I couldn’t imagine anything better than working with lavender to calm me down. I loved my job so much that when I moved to Nova Scotia the next year, having a lavender farm of my own was the logical next step.

Well, it is actually a lavender hobby farm, as there are about 80 mature plants that cover the front lawn. These plants have gone through maturing and pruning over the past seven years, just as I have- – and we both have grown stronger as a result.

Growing lavender has been a calming, maturing, learning, patience-practicing and beautiful part of my life and I am grateful. After the rough winter of 2015 when it just did not stop snowing, the plants took a beating. Did you know that the biggest enemy of growing lavender is having its roots sit in water? That’s what happened after that winter. So last year I noticed a lot of old wood and dead branches on many of the plants and decided to give them a ruthless pruning.

As Spring came on this year I was anxious to see what would result from that pruning…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here are a few pics taken this past week as I harvested the lavender for some special projects coming up.

I will share them with you in the coming weeks!




Oh Yeah!


Lavender tied in bundles and ready to dry.


Lavender drying in the basement, with fans working overtime to circulate the air.


Happy Canada Day!


Cutting, bundling, tying…

7 thoughts on “After the Pruning Comes the Harvest

  1. Love Lavender!!!!! Wow

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  2. Hi Christine! I knew that you loved lavender but I did’nt remember that you had worked at the lavender farm in St-Eustache. And I did’nt know you had so many plants at home now, …80 mature plants!!! WOW! Beautiful pictures! I have been at that boutique in St-Eustache twice lately, I bought a milk bath powder pure lavender, it’s out of this world. A few scoops of that powder in your bath, and you sleep like a baby! Good to hear from you, you look great, keep up the good work and hobby. Please continue to share pictures of what you do with your lavender. Love ya xxx


    • Oh I have just received my order from Maison Lavande with the milk bath- it is luxurious for sure!! I’m glad you like it as well. Did you know I sold my fudge there in 2009, but with lavender sprinkled on top!!


      • OH! I did’nt know that, it sure must be delicious!! When I go to la Maison de Lavande, I always end up bying cookies, of course “sprinkled with lavender” on top! They make jam, caramel etc. It sure is a relaxing place to go shop!! Have a wonderful day my friend!

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  3. I love your lavender pictures and story. I am from NS but now live in Sherbrooke, QC, so not far from Bleu Lavande. Now I know why my plant in NS died after that winter of endless snow.


  4. Lynne Clearwater

    So Beautiful Chris.

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