When The Magic Happens

I have read that you can’t have joy in your life without gratefulness. When I think about it, I guess its true. When you’re not grateful for what you have then you will always be wishing for more and be fretting about that. When you’re fretting you are not joyful.

I’ve caught myself several times in the past year with a scowl on my face; while driving in the car, while reading at home, a lot of times when I am alone. Sometimes I’ve dared to look in the mirror and it is not pretty. I have forced myself to smile. It hurt.

I wondered why I was scowling. Was my life so hard that I couldn’t put on some music and belt it out rather than having that pursed lips furrowed brow look? It’s hard to scowl when you’re singing “UP” with Shania Twain or “Is You ‘Appy” with Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellows.

I’m thinking that joy should bubble up from the center of our being like water in a fountain.

So what’s the problem?

Some people just have a resting bitch face I guess.

Well I can’t be joyful with a resting bitch face so probably the first place to start is to turn that frown upside down. Mind you, I don’t intend to have a fake smile. There were many years when I was unhappy but told to smile anyway. That’s not what this is about. If there are problems, I will be transparent about them and try to find the joy in little things.

Like this morning, for example; we are in Hilton Head for a couple of months enjoying the escape from a harsh Nova Scotia winter. We got up this morning to temps in the minus and I wanted to have a walk on the beach. It was cold and with the wind chill it was even colder, but we went anyway, all bundled up in gloves, scarves and winter jackets.

It was the most glorious walk! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we literally had the beach to ourselves. I mentioned to Dave that there was a lot of joy in that walk- we got our exercise and spent a special hour together alone on the beach. I was grateful for the quality time together.


Meanwhile, back in Nova Scotia everything was closed today because of a winter storm with high winds and drifting snow: churches, shops, clinics, you name it, they were all closed. If you are in a storm area today, try to find the joy in hunkering down with Netflix, some hot chocolate, and time with the family. Be grateful for the warmth inside your home and heart.

Joy. It’s all in how you look at things. We could have convinced ourselves that it was too cold and windy to go for a walk on the beach but we didn’t.

And that’s when the magic happened!

Did you have a joyful moment today?


7 thoughts on “When The Magic Happens

  1. Nice! Enjoy every second of the escape from a harsh Nova Scotia winter 🙂


  2. Thanks Christine, we need to be reminded to be grateful every day. Love your posts.


  3. bamfam@videotron.ca

    I loved your post today Christine. You are so right! Enjoy this season away with Dave. Love you, B


  4. Love your post, Christine. There is so much to be grateful for. I am spending a week with my 2 year old granddaughter,Claire,while her parents work. Little children help one to see the joy in little things.
    I love the book, Simple Abundance where the author focuses a lot on gratitude. I use her readings as part of my meditation every day. Enjoy your time away with Dave. Wishing you both much joy in 2017.


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