Beach Remembrances, Tomatoes and Love

Sometimes a solitary morning walk on the beach can bring up a lot of memories. We have been in Hilton Head SC for the past couple of months and the morning walk on the beach has been the highlight of my day.

 This morning as I walked, I remembered many walks on the beach with my mom. Back in the day, she and Dad used to go to Florida for a month every winter, and I visited several times. Mom and I would don our running shoes every morning and head for a three mile walk on the beach. Most of the time Dad just let us be and did not join us. It was time for serious woman talk. As we walked we discussed a lot of things, like food, diets, hairstyles and clothing, but mostly we talked about the men in our lives.

Husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, no one was spared. We shared secrets and bounced ideas off each other. Sometimes we laughed our heads off. We were often irreverent, but it didn’t matter because there were no other ears listening. I can’t say that we solved the problems of the world on our walks but we each came away knowing that we were heard and taken seriously.

And that’s about all that matters, really.

I sure do miss those walks with my mom.

And then another thought popped into my head…

It was something a friend told me about a relationship she had many years ago.

“I love you”, he said.

“I love you too”, she said, “like a tomato.’

He went away happy, not knowing her relationship to tomatoes. She used to like them a lot, but she got tired of them and now she doesn’t eat tomatoes any more.

I am the same. I could say that I loved my ex like bread. Fact is, I used to love bread a lot. In more recent years I found that I had sensitivity to wheat bread such that every time I ate it I became sick and bloated for at least three days. I know now that I am much healthier and happier without wheat bread. (I’ll be writing more about this food sensitivity soon!)

And I’m much healthier and happier without my ex!

Nowadays I love my new husband like chocolate. I’ve always liked chocolate, but as the years pass I realize that I like it more and more. I love it so much I need some chocolate just about every day. And that makes me very happy.

These are just a couple of crazy thoughts I had while walking on the beach this morning. The nature of them tells me that I am finally starting to relax down here in Hilton Head. It’s been a long year of not feeling well and trying to find the source of my malaise. In fact, I haven’t felt like my old self in more than a year, since my shingles outbreak last year.

I think I’m getting closer.