Clearing The Stash – The Summer I Knit

It has been a wonderful summer of R&R here in Nova Scotia!

For the first time in my adult life I find myself pretty much alone for the whole two months. No children at home, no visitors and no summertime travel. Added to that, my husband is now working full time, which makes us both very happy: him, because he has something to do every day and he gets paid to do it; and me because this gives me some much needed time alone to de-stress and think about ‘things’.

I have jealously guarded my time alone and stayed pretty much in the house and yard, gardening, reading, working on my Health Coaching course and knitting.

I have had a couple of health problems that needed to be addressed in a quiet and reflective way, and being alone was the way to do it. Last years stress with my mother’s illness and death gave way to a couple of other major stressors through the fall, and you could say things came to a head with the onset of my shingles diagnosis a couple of months later. I have since learned that shingles rears its ugly head at times of stress, decreased immunity or both.

That was a wake up call!

And a lesson learned. It’s taken a long time but I have realized that I need to find a way to manage stress; to not let things get under my skin; to act on my intuitions, and to learn to say ‘no’ when the need arises.

So as I have been working on my inner self, I have been de cluttering the house of things that we’re not using anymore. Out went shoes, clothing, dishes, books, you know, the things that take up space and you get tired of looking at.

But then I came to my stash of yarn.

So many colors, so much yarn, bought at sales at Michael’s and sitting there in my craft room in the basement…

I decided to use up as much of the yarn as I could and I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more until I had made a substantial dent in my stash. And then I saw a pattern for a colourful blanket online that would use the kind of yarn I had.

They say there is something meditative about knitting, the repetition and rhythm of the stitches, the sheer mindlessness of it. As I sat in front of the window and knit, day after day, I managed to sort out and classify several things in my mind.

Things like worrying about my kids, the future, what people think of me and whether or not I would participate in several craft shows this year.

Things like what made me sick last winter, why I have IBS and how those things might be connected to how I see and relate to my world.

And finally, today, my stash of yarn is relatively cleared, my blanket is finished, and I can start to see a little more clearly.

This is what I made!