Why 84 Days?

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 84 of 84

Why 84 days?

Why indeed. You can’t imagine how many people have asked me that question.

You can’t imagine how many times I have asked myself that question.

I arbitrarily set this challenge at 84 days because that is the length of Bill Phillips Body For Life Challenges. Twelve weeks. I have done this get-healthy challenge a few times, always with excellent results. It has helped me to get on, and stay on a routine of sustainable nutrition and exercise that has become a part of my life for more than ten years.

It would appear that doing something for 84 days really makes it stick. So I figured the same could be true of having a positive mindset. I know that a bad habit can be broken in a short period of time, but is it sustainable? Does the bad habit come back?

In my experience it does.

So, if doing a Body For Life Challenge for 84 days more than ten years ago has resulted in a healthy lifestyle over that period of time, why not do the same for a mental attitude change?

I figured that 84 days should be long enough to get entrenched enough into a positive mindset to make it stick. It did indeed stick. However, I wondered whether or not I would have enough to write for 84 days. I wondered if I could stand it. I asked myself why I didn’t do it for 30 days, or even 45 days.

But life happens whether or not you are counting the days. I found that especially on days that I got out of the house and was around other people, situations kept presenting themselves for me to work on my positive mindset. It made me think that having a positive mental attitude would be quite easy if it wasn’t for other people!

So now that the challenge is over, I will continue to work on my positivity, hopefully for the rest of my life. How about you, Dear Reader? Will you continue?

I am going to take a short break while I visit my parents in Newfoundland, but after that I will be doing another challenge.

Some things I have considered are:

–       a healthy meal a day challenge

–       a gratitude challenge and

–       a no spending on anything new challenge

If you have any other ideas, let me know! I would love to hear from you.

And now I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who have read me every day, those of you who have commented on my ramblings, and those who have sent me notes either on email or Facebook or in person. You have encouraged me enormously as you have tried to get the negativity out of your own lives while reading about mine.

I am so grateful for each one of you!



10 thoughts on “Why 84 Days?

  1. Thanks for being there for me B. I’m glad you were there for me too! XO


  2. Félicitation Christine! Yes, I will stay positive and yes I will miss you…Have a nice trip home to see your parents in Newfoundland, you deserve to relax now! Humm, I would need a “no spending on anything new challenge” or a “stay away from Pinterest” challenge, lol, but anything goes for me…:) Catch you later mon amie xoxox


  3. Fabulous Chris!!! Well done and congratulations. Waiting to hear what you next challenge will be. See you soon. Hugs, Eileen


  4. Congratulations, Christine!
    Well done!


  5. Yes you did it.


  6. YOU MADE IT!!!! There was no doubt you would, for when you set your mind on something Chris, it happens! I am grateful for being able to share the journey with you. I wonder what is next?!?
    Love, B


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