Straight From My Heart

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 83 of 84

I’ve learned that there is never a perfect time to do a no negativity challenge. There will always be heartaches, sickness, grey sky days and strained relationships. We live in an imperfect world and the thing is to find a certain happiness and hope in our corner of it. That’s why it is called a challenge.

During the four months that I have been trying to get the negativity out, my son was in a car accident, my mother was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, my friend had surgery, my sister-in-law ended up in hospital with a heart attack, and another friend was diagnosed with cancer.

I’ve realized that every day is precious and that there are no guarantees that the person I am angry with today will be here tomorrow. So it is important to me to be at peace with everyone I love. It is especially important to be at peace with myself.


 On Day 1  I wrote two reasons why I wanted to do a no negativity challenge:

1. To see whether or not I can really do it and

2. To find out how it will change my life.

Well, the first reason is accomplished. I did it.

And the second reason, so naively and innocently written, has also been accomplished, in ways I could never have imagined. Doing this challenge has indeed changed my life. Here are some of the ways:

   – I am better able to deal with a negative situation now. Rather than stewing in negativity I say a quick prayer and move on to another activity. This is major for me.

   – I’ve learned to put things in perspective. Not all things are earth shattering right now, today. Sometimes things need a little time to gel and to work themselves out.

   – Most of the things I fretted about during the past few months have either been resolved or I have accepted them, proving to me that worry accomplishes absolutely nothing.

   – Dave thinks that I take things more in stride now, whereas before I would react to just about anything as if my horse had died.

   – I’ve become more assertive. Last week we finally did make it to Boston Pizza. We ordered the coveted Cactus Cut Chips, but when the waitress put them on the table they were soggy and dripping in grease. Rather than sitting there and complaining about them, I respectfully returned them with a smile.

   – Getting up at the same time every day and forcing myself to write whether I felt like it or not has made me realize the importance of honoring self-promises. In so doing I have gained confidence.

   – I haven’t been desperate about my weight loss or lack thereof. I’m kinder to myself because I am not obsessing all the time. I enjoy my meals and have been eating good quality food. My weight is great! (and I am fabulous!)

   – Finding joy in my life has been more evident since I started practicing positivity through mindfulness. I am happier more of the time, realizing that the most important things in life are relationships, not things.

   – As I wrote down five things to be grateful for every day I became a more grateful and appreciative person.

   – I am more tolerant of people who are not like me. Well, that means just about everyone, because each of us is unique. So rather than wishing more people were like me, or trying to be more like other people, I am happy to be me.

Today I am grateful:

  1. For a snowy day

  2. For my light therapy lamp

  3. For phones and communication

  4. For solitude (a contradiction to #3)

  5. For God who loves me no matter what

5 thoughts on “Straight From My Heart

  1. I think it’s really great that you’re doing so much progress in such a meaningful journey. I’ve picked up a few points here too as I myself found myself in the same journey that started last year. There are difficult days but somehow, we manage. Thank God.


  2. Hi my fabulous unique, beautiful friend 🙂 I find lot’s of joy when I hear from you…hummm Day 84/84 tomorrow 😦 snif snif )…Catch you later, xoxoxo


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