Still Fabulous after 82 Days

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 82 of 84

Somebody, somewhere is having a good laugh at me the past few days. As the end of this 84-day challenge draws near, my positivity is seriously being put to the test. And I thought I would go out with a bang.

 It all started a few days ago, Super Bowl Sunday to be exact. I am not a football fan, but Dave is, so he went out to watch the game with some friends, an annual tradition that I’m sure has more to do with the beer and the man-food than with the actual game.

In the meantime, I figured I’d have some alone time to write, do some quilting and then go to bed with a good book.


“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray…”

I started out by reading something that upset me more than I care to admit. I started stewing about it and then realized there was nothing I could do that evening, so I might as well get busy doing something else.

 To take my mind off potential negative things, I moved on to sewing up thirty squares for my latest quilt. When they were all sewn, I went to iron them only to find that my 10-year-old iron had finally bitten the dust…at…that…moment. But wait! We have a spare iron; I worked up a sweat ransacking the house looking for it, to no avail. It must have been put in a very secure place so that we’d find it readily when needed. Right.

Thinking that I MUST remain positive, I figured this would be my golden opportunity to get a new iron, and this time it would be the Cadillac of irons. It would heat up to incredible temperatures, the steam would melt away the most stubborn wrinkles, and it would be a charm to handle, swivel cord and all.

With thoughts of that Cadillac Iron, I turned to the computer to write what should have been this blog entry.

On opening the Word document where I work on these writings, I realized, to my dismay, that my 120-page Positively No Negativity Challenge document was GONE! I spent the best part of the evening scouring every corner of my hard drive, once again, to no avail. (Something will have to “avail” sooner or later.)

And then I thought:

I’ve surely had better evenings, but I’ve had worse.

I asked myself, “What will this matter in a year’s time?”

I told myself I was still fabulous.

I could write about this in my morning pages to put it all in perspective.

I could be flexible and find something else to do.


So I made a list for the next day:

-Buy a new iron. Get the best one I can find.

-Bring the computer to the ‘shop’ to have the hard drive scanned for the missing document

– Make a couple of phone calls

And off to bed I went.

Today I am grateful:

  1. For a great visit with a friend

  2. For a new iron

  3. For a smoothly running computer (but no found document)

  4. For two parcels in the mail

  5. For soup

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