Hang With People Who Love What You Love

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 81 of 84

The weather shouldn’t dictate our moods and activities, but winter in Nova Scotia often does. Due to snowstorms, dangerous road conditions and cold, I have spent too much time indoors and just doing my thing alone, rather than getting out and being with people. It’s sometimes easy to become negative when you isolate yourself too much.

The other day I made a coffee date with a friend that ended up getting cancelled because of, you guessed it, weather. I was a little disappointed until I opened an email from another friend to let me know that the Knitting Ninnies were still going to meet.

So I braved a raging snowstorm to go to her place to knit. On Wednesdays, four or five of us gather with our knitting projects and eat, chat, compare notes and learn from each other. One is making a doll’s blanket while another works on a sock monkey. Yet another woman is learning how to knit a pair of socks. Baby clothes, infinity scarves, slouch hats and shawls have all been created, discussed and shown over the course of time we spend together.

And while all this creating is going on, there is an exchange of ideas about friendships, grandchildren, husbands, healthy meals and snacks, and the latest sales at local shops. There is usually a fair amount of laughter as well.

Being part of a knitting group is one of the best things I have done for myself as a knitter. While I am not new to knitting, it’s been a great way to pick up new tricks and always have someone at the ready to help me through difficult parts of patterns or explain a new-to-me technique. But it’s also the friendships.

It’s sort of like the men going out for beer and wings on Thursday evenings, except they’re probably not talking about knitting and recipes. The camaraderie is the same.

Yesterday I met up with a quilting friend. She’s the expert and I am the rookie, so as we cut out pieces for our latest creations, she showed me techniques or color combinations that I hadn’t thought of before. We talked about life in general, and nothing in particular, but I came away feeling pretty good and I know she did as well.

Now I have a complete quilt cut out and something to work on at home over the next couple of weeks, but I also have just spent an afternoon nourishing a relationship and chasing away the negativity.

You could say that we have a lot in common aside from the quilting. A couple of years ago we were both at a supper and I was telling about my Divorce Fudge and the story surrounding it. She thought that was quite something, as there were things in my story she could relate to. A friendship was born.

It’s a positively wonderful thing when you get to hang out with people who love doing the same things that you do.

Do you have a friend or a mentor like that?


Today I am grateful:

1. For the beautiful friendships I have in my life

2. For the confidence to drive in winter conditions

3. For a good laugh with my Mom last evening

4. For my lavender and blueberry plants peeking out from under the snow

5. For wool, with all its textures, colors and possibilities

6 thoughts on “Hang With People Who Love What You Love

  1. Oh Christine!
    Glad to hear that you are now braving snowstorms! When I saw the picture of the shawl on the rocking chair, I felt privileged to have a nice off white one! I must thank you one more time because the more I use it, the more I love it! 🙂 The person I love to hang out with the most is my sister, we blabla, reminisce and just play it by ear…BUT I realize that we should start knitting prayer shawls, that’s what’s missing…I know it’s not polite to ask a “grand chef” to give out his recepies, but I’m taking a chance asking you what in the world is that wonderful wool that you use? Gosh, it’s so magic when you wrap it around you!!!! Unbelievable, lol… Have a wonderful day….xxx


    • So incredibly glad you like the shawl! The yarn I used is called Homespun, and the company is Lion brand. Each shawl is 60 stitches, knit for 60 inches on 6.5mm needles. There should be enough left to make the fringe.
      Happy knitting! XO


      • WOW! Thanks my awesome friend!!! I was interduced to Pinterest just a few weeks ago…I like it, but forget it, it,s so time consuming….I’m already addicted!!! I will be better off knitting…lol xxxxxx


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