The Executive Lounge = Free Food

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 78 of 84

Don’t you just love a story that makes you smile? As we head into the last mile of the No Negativity Challenge I will share with you a couple of true stories that have a positive spin on life. Today’s account is something that happened to my sister a couple of years ago; it’s kind of cute, and gets better with each telling. My sister is so good-natured there is not much that ever bothers her and she’s quite appreciative of anything that is done for her.

                                   The Executive Lounge = Free Food

She was having a hard time flying from Ottawa to Deer Lake, Newfoundland for Christmas that year. She had a stopover in Montreal for a couple of days to visit her sisters, but as luck would have it, or as Murphy’s Law would dictate, the day of her flight from Montreal to Deer Lake dawned with a blinding snowstorm that cancelled all flights in and out of Trudeau Airport. It was December 18th. For the next three days her sis Sheila alternated between the phone and the Internet trying to get Gerri a flight out.

Her ear was sore.

She had a headache.

Her kids felt neglected.

She was about to give up and have Gerri stay in Montreal for Christmas when finally something gave way. They got her on a flight to Halifax and then on to Deer Lake. Because of all the mess, or for lack of another seat on the plane, she was granted a first class ticket.

            Gerri had never travelled first class before, so Sheila explained to her that she would get to sit at the front of the plane, she’d have a wider seat with more legroom, and free drinks. But the best part was that she would be able to go into the Executive Lounge at the Halifax airport. Now, what exactly did that mean? She was thrilled to learn that she could avail herself of free food because of her first class ticket!

            On arriving in Halifax, Gerri went straight to the nearest airport restaurant. After all, she had a two-hour layover. After perusing the menu she decided on surf ‘n turf with baked potato and salad, and she finished up with a decadent piece of cheesecake for dessert. She savored every succulent bite, knowing that it was all free.


 “A good thing”, she thought, “that the airline wants to compensate me for three days of waiting for a flight.”

            All too soon the meal was over and she was presented with the bill. $48.72, not including tax and tip.

            Smiling sweetly, she said to the waitress, “Oh I don’t have to pay. I’m flying first class today.”

            Smiling just as sweetly, the waitress replied, “Oh yes you do dearie. There is no free food in this restaurant.”

            Poor Gerri, she hadn’t understood that the free food was peanuts, muffins, and juice in the Executive Lounge, not at any restaurant in the airport. Sheepishly, she paid her bill and thought to herself, “Oh well, another lesson learned, and it was a great meal.”

            Ironically, she never did find the Executive Lounge, and she never did make it to Deer Lake that year. The plane overshot to St. John’s.

 Today I am grateful:

1. For fresh air to breathe

2. For unexpected money in the mail

3. For an “I’m sorry”

4. For a quiet day

5. For my sisters

Fabulously yours,


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