How are you Doing Today?

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 77 of 84

Do you remember writing letters when you were younger? Thank you letters to Aunt Adele for a birthday gift, letters to a friend who was away for the summer and notes to pen pals around the world kind of dominated my letter writing back when I was an adolescent.

The letters usually, went something like this:

Dear Karen,

How are you? I am fine. It has been raining here for three days. We had Kraft Dinner for supper last night and Mom ruined it by putting peas in it. We’re going to the beach tomorrow and I will try out my new bathing suit. Tommy is driving me crazy with his new Monopoly game because he buys all the best properties first.

I miss you.



 They always started the same: “How are you? I am fine.” Isn’t it the same for us as adults? When we greet someone we ask how they are doing, and they answer with “Oh I’m doing fine”, and then they might mention something about their health. Or not.

Fast forward to last evening.

We were at a Bobbie Burns potluck meal with some friends when Peter came in bearing the Scotch Broth. So I said, “ Hi Peter, how are you doing today?”

He turned, looked me in the eye and answered, “I’m magnificent! How are you doing?”

I was so taken aback I asked him why he was magnificent. He told me that he was tired of saying he was fine. ‘Fine’ is such a boring word. It’s much more fun to be ‘magnificent’.

He was right. I’m not sure anyone was interested in hearing a litany of complaints, an accounting of his health, or how his son disappointed him that day. All through the evening, through the recitation of the “Ode to the Haggis”, the “Toast to the Haggis” and the ensuing meal I thought about what Peter had said. Being Magnificent sure does conjure up a different impression of a person than being fine does. Words have power.

So I made a decision. From now on I am going to be ‘Fabulous’.

 How about you? Will you be










Or will you be fine?


 Today I am grateful:

1. For my wedding ring and all it symbolizes

2. To have my own office to write, knit and daydream

3. For the realization of the power of words

4. For making a new friend who shares some of my past

5. For the wind howling outside my window

4 thoughts on “How are you Doing Today?

  1. Hehe! Today I’m going to be powerful! lol…
    Just came back from a long week-end in a bed & breakfast, so we have Saturday, Sunday and this morning’s snow to shovel!!!
    And I started off my day with my new note pad “morning pages”, that my sister offered me!…I love it!!! At first I did’nt know how to start, what to write, then, all of a sudden, I had written 3 full pages and it sure started off my day in powerful way! Super, thanks Christine xxx


  2. Today I am going to be awesome


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