The Positive Power Of Routines

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 75 of 84

“The flyers are here! The flyers are here!” says Dave every Thursday as he runs out to get the bag of weekly store ads that have been tossed on the driveway. Strangely enough, we both look forward to this event.

And then we sit in the living room to read them. He reads mostly the hardware store ads and I read the grocery stores and Michael’s. We comment on what’s on special that week and one of us starts a list. Ingredients for my famous fudge, meat and produce specials top the items we will be buying. And cheese. Can’t forget the cheese: it’s one of life’s sweet pleasures, right up there with treacle toffee.

Once a week we eat up the leftovers in the fridge, making soup or stir-fry and toss the things that might have gone bad in order to make room for the groceries for the next seven days. Within the next day or so, one of us will go off to Superstore to purchase the week’s provisions.

Every other Friday Dave gets up early and sorts out the garbage. Each item goes into its own container: compost in one, paper in another and plastics, glass and metal in their respective bags. And then it all sits neatly at the end of the driveway waiting to be taken away. Meanwhile, back in the house, all the trash and recycling containers are empty, waiting to be filled up again.

And then we’ve come full circle.

The routines of our days give structure and some predictability to our otherwise chaotic lives. Without them we might not have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I have found that my morning routine sets the pace and attitude for the rest of the day. On an ideal day, I get up early, make the coffee and then I sit down to write. I am alone with my meditation and thoughts. When I’m done, I do some form of exercise, either brisk walking or weights. Then it is time for breakfast and getting cleaned up, including shoes, ready for whatever the day brings. Just doing this much puts me in a positive mood.


On an un-ideal day, I sleep a little later, decide not to exercise, stay in my pyjamas until 11AM or later, and I just roam around the house, feeling a little guilty for not getting anything done. I might read a book or call someone up, but I never manage to feel great about my day. This puts me in a negative mood.

Can you relate?

It has been said that your day is usually quite similar to your attitude during the first hour after awakening. Getting the day off on the wrong foot can negatively affect your entire day.

I have found that it doesn’t take much to have a positive day:

– Get up when the alarm rings or when you wake up

-Make the bed

– Drink some water

-Do some form of exercise or stretching

– Have breakfast

-Get completely dressed and groomed, even if you’re not going out.

-Put your shoes on. When you are fully dressed, you’re ready for anything

 Today I am grateful:

1. For a new knitting project

2. For peaches that were frozen from summer’s bounty

3. For my son Daniel; today he’s 29 years old

4. For the routines of my life

5. For the bags of frozen kale that were a gift from a church friend last September



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