Life Changing Morning Pages

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 74 of 84

Do you keep a journal? I know, you’re thinking that’s just a fancy and upgraded name for the diaries we kept when we were teenagers and filled with emotional angst and hormones. That’s what I thought as well until I read a book that talked about ‘morning pages’ as an effective aid to unblocking creativity.

Morning pages, a term coined by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, are simply three pages of stream of consciousness writing that you do first thing each morning. They are done in a journal or a notebook, always in longhand. No computers or tablets here. So you get up, open your journal and start writing whatever comes into your mind. Disjointed thoughts, a sorting out of feelings, negative self-doubting, plans, fears, happy things, they all get vomited onto the page, until you have three pages. And then you close the book until tomorrow. You don’t reread what you have written, except for a couple of times a year, when you go over the whole thing. That can be quite revealing as to where your head is at and it can show certain themes that have been occupying your precious brain space.

I did morning pages for a few years and I found that writing them served to ‘get the negativity out’ so that I could get on with my day. I found that if I fretted in my morning pages about an upcoming car repair or a concern with my son, or an impending encounter with my ex, the fretting was done and then I could think about more positive things. I know that sounds hokey but it worked.

The morning pages are glasses  you put on every day to boost your internal vision.

“By writing lines on a page, we

begin to read between them. We

see where we have told ourselves

one thing while feeling quite

another. We sink below the

surface of events to

the interior mystery of our

feelings, intuitions, motives and

lessons.” ~ Julia Cameron

I had often found myself in a negative funk but not able to put my finger on what was eating me. I used to over analyze, rationalize and go through the week’s events to figure it out. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. But when I did my morning pages, just writing down whatever came into my head, I was able to pinpoint the negative culprit.

Doing this consistently has enabled me to be a more positive person. When the difficult things in life are ‘classified’ in my mind, I have been able to focus on the good stuff.

Would you be willing to try writing Morning Pages just for a week? How about longer? You would be amazed, as I was, that they are life changing.

Today I am grateful:

1. For yesterday’s sunshine

2. For sore muscles from a good workout

3. To Julia Cameron for inventing Morning Pages

4. For lavender scented clean sheets

5. For a great lineup of books to read this winter

9 thoughts on “Life Changing Morning Pages

  1. Hello Christine, nice to meet you. I’ve been doing Morning Pages for years. I let it drop out last year and it was a disaster. I also do Evening Pages (my term) which is helping me sleep and organise the day to come. 🙂


  2. Thank you Christine for your book suggestion. Your thoughts this morning gave me a new look
    on a better life. Carole


  3. Morning Christine, once again, this hits the spot. Since I’m off of work, I have lot’s of time to learn interesting stuff, like this “morning pages” post. Yes, I will go out and buy a nice little journal today…
    Just lately, I learned about this Cognitive Plan: (When a situation occurs, this creates a thought, it is interpreted, then it provokes an emotion, then a reaction… The reaction is then interpreted and estimated once again, in our thought.) humm…I beleive that writing it all down each morning, in a notebook, will help to SEE the problem and to stop going round in circles.
    Now, meditation, I’m looking into this also, and learned 4 words that cure: Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you: (Say this to yourself or to another person.)
    And like Marilyn says, deep breaths are excellent! 🙂
    Thanks Christine, you are amazing!
    Have an excellent day!


    • Francine I love those four curing words…sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you…there is power in just reading them. Incidentally, when I do my morning pages I like to buy a thick notebook, one that will last for a long time, and also some really neat pens, in colors that I like.
      Hope you had an excellent day too XO


  4. Some believe that if you take deep breaths and put yourself into a relaxed state of peace, it is a way to connect with God.. like automatic writing…


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