Get Bent Out Of Shape When There Is A Change Of Plans?

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 72 of 84

For the past seven days I have been looking forward to going to Boston Pizza for supper. That was my reward meal for having eaten on plan for the previous week. See, I try to eat according to a set plan six days of the week: six small meals per day, each containing a protein and a carb. That way I am never too full and never too hungry. Come Saturday, it is time for the free meal- whatever I want to have, including dessert, just for one meal.

I was planning to have Caesar Salad, pizza and cactus cut fries, and maybe a chocolate something for dessert, if I still had room. I was so psyched and looking forward to my meal, I was salivating just thinking about it.

We were just hanging out, waiting for the time to go to Boston Pizza, when I said to Dave, “Why don’t we have a coffee with someone before we go for supper?” It sounded like a good idea to him, so I called some old friends we hadn’t seen in several months. They live about an hour’s drive from us but that didn’t matter; we had lots of time and were looking forward to seeing them. They told us to plan on staying for supper and bring a bag for overnight, just in case.

I could see my pizza with fries and Caesar salad slipping away into the Netherlands…”Oh well”, said I, “They always put on a good meal, so let’s just enjoy the time with our friends and go to Boston Pizza another time.”

What a good attitude on my part, don’t you think? I was proud of how flexible I was being in changing plans just like that.


When we got there we learned that they had drastically changed their way of eating. Our friends were now eating vegan and we were about to join them in an evening’s adventure without meat, wheat, dairy or sugar. At first I despaired, thinking that I had waited all week for my reward meal and now I was going to dine on food that was very different and that I was not looking forward to. My mind was screaming, “Meat, baguette, potato, salad and dessert!”, but it was not to be.

Once again I had to change my mindset and decide to be even more flexible.

We started out with a Matcha tea latte, new to me but apparently it has many health benefits. It was ok, I guess. I’m usually quite open to try new things and to learn, so then we moved on to the meal which consisted of vegetable patties smothered in a cashew cream sauce, root vegetable fries made from celery root, turnip and parsnips, and a kale and cabbage salad with a ginger garlic dressing.

We had a great evening filled with lively discussions about food, snoring and regularity, among other things; we even learned a lot. We laughed as we remarked on the topics of conversation at our age. We couldn’t have imagined talking about those things ten years ago. It’s incredible how what is important changes as we age.


I’m happy I decided to be flexible and not reject this new way of eating just for one evening. The time spent with our friends was precious and I wouldn’t have traded that for anything. Will I eat like that in the future? Probably not, but it was fun learning about it. The thing I took away from my evening is that even though I was looking forward to my pizza and fries, being able to happily change my plans and try something new with friends was more important than sticking to the original plan.

Boston Pizza will still be there for next week’s reward meal…unless…

Today I am thankful:

1. For the opportunity to be flexible and try something new

2. For being able to go see the movie Philomena

3. For a safe drive home in a raging blizzard

4. For the Wolfville Newcomers Club

5. For my sons who teach me new things every day


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