Just Take One Step At A Time

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 66 of 84

I’m pushing out a quick post, not because I think you are dying to know how my no negativity challenge is going, but because posting holds me accountable.

We woke up to pounding rain in beautiful Guysborough, Nova Scotia. I read over my questions from yesterday and I was able to answer all of them in the affirmative!

  √ I smiled.

  √ I was positive by thinking the best, believing the best and not dwelling on things    that may or may not happen.

√I was not argumentative. In fact I couldn’t believe how agreeable I was.

√ I was mindful of my thoughts in that I focused on these questions frequently throughout the day.

Since my son’s car accident in November and his resulting concussion, I have been learning so much about this condition. Like depression, there are no outward evidences of a concussion, but the effects are long lasting and sometimes debilitating. He is still plagued with headaches and fatigue two months later; the only recommendation for concussion is rest. There is no pill to take, no therapy to go to. It’s just a waiting game.

I was mindful of keeping things in perspective and being positive about the next few months for my son.

Just having written down questions made me think about them as I went through my day. There was actually lots of room for worry and angst as I attempted to sort out my son’s university year. In three days we had five appointments: chiropractor, guidance counselor, student aid, doctor and Dean of Science. For each one, I had my handy Moleskine notebook for asking questions and taking notes.

I knew I was doing all I could be doing and that’s what kept me going.


Today I am grateful:

1. That Mom is in good hands

2. For a helpful and supportive team at St FXU

3. For my sister-in-law

4. That Aaron’s concussion is improving

5. For Subway salad

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