Positivity Requires Crossing The Abyss

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 65 of 84

As we go into the last twenty days of this No Negativity Challenge, let’s start to put into action all that we have learned. Its all fine and well to know how to be positive and to philosophize about it ad nauseam; it’s quite another thing to mindfully and consciously do something about it.

                                          Vision without action is only a daydream.

It’s like getting your physical body healthy. Everyone knows how to do that. You eat smaller portions of healthy food and exercise with intensity four or five times a week. Over a period of time you see results. Everyone knows that. So how come at the beginning of each year, people spend thousands of dollars on books, gadgets and gym memberships that end up collecting dust within the first six weeks?

It’s what Bill Phillips calls Crossing The Abyss: when you cross over from knowing what to do to actually doing it. Until you learn to apply the knowledge learned about staying positive, you will always be stranded at the edge of the infinite chasm called the abyss, trapped in negativity.


 So, taking a conscious decision to cross that chasm, or abyss, I have outlined six questions to ask myself at the end of each day. Keeping them in my consciousness and answering them each day will make me mindful of the direction I am going. I believe that this will make the positivity grow. I will print them out and truthfully answer them every evening.

Why don’t you try it with me? Here they are:

1. Was I positive today?

2. How was I positive?

3. Did I have a good attitude? Or was I argumentative?

4. Did I smile, or did I frown?

5. Did I show kindness?

6. Was I mindful of my thoughts?

Very simple questions; let’s see how asking them every day will change things up!

Today I am grateful:

1. For a warm day for travel

2. For my health, my life

3. To Bill Phillips, whose teaching has changed my life for the better

4. For the most beautiful walk in the sunshine yesterday

5. For winter’s promise of spring….

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