Enjoy Here And Now While It’s Here, Now

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 58 of 84

The past few days have been filled with warm family times that involve food, conversation and laughter. It has been just delightful having my children at home this Christmas. I was thinking how times have changed and now everyone is connected to his online toys pretty well most of the time. It gets kind of aggravating when you’re trying to have a conversation amid the beeps and dings of cell phones and computers.

I wonder why it is so hard to just enjoy the time together and close all those devices. Is it possible to live without them now that we have gotten so used to being available 24/7 and being connected with people all around the world?

Why can’t we enjoy the moment we are in right now? Is this a phenomenon of our times?

And then I remembered something that happened several years ago that reminded me about distractions an how they intrude into the present moment, whether by mobile devices or by our thoughts.

On a beautiful spring morning my husband asked me for the umpteenth time to go for an early bike ride with him. It was 7AM. My mouth said yes but my mind was on all the things I had to do that day, the next day and the next week. I was a busy homeschooling mom without much time for so much as a complete thought.

Off I went, more to please him than me. Within a short time, we were out of the residential area of our town and passing by rolling fields of grass, hay and vegetables. My husband kept pointing out the beauty of it all and the wonderful morning smell of freshness in the air.

I had to agree with him that it was great, but I was thinking, “Let’s get this ride out of the way so I can get back to all the things I have to do today.” I just couldn’t enjoy the ride and the company; so busy was I with my thoughts.

I kept that attitude for some time, and then a thought came into my already cluttered mind: ‘Live in the moment.’ Okay.

I decided to forget about more pressing matters and looked around me. Indeed the scene was lovely, one that could have been made only by our Creator. I actually started to decompress and to enjoy the ride, the moment and the experience.

My attitude did a complete about face. What a wonderful ride I had that morning! All too soon it was over and we were home, back to the urgency of the moment and the day’s tasks. I realized that I often tend to miss out on the good things in life because I worry about all the other things that I cannot do anything about right now anyway.

I guess yesterday’s lack of focus on the moment is today’s staring into mobile devices.  Really, the more things change, the more they are the same. I know that when I am talking to someone and they are ‘not all there’, I don’t feel very special. It’s a negative thing.

So we have yet another aspect of life to help us to be more positive: “…and whatever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord” Col 3:23

A little Ziggy-ism reminds me of this.


Today I am grateful:

1. For a great night’s sleep

2. For the guys who keep our streets ploughed

3. For our mail carrier, Bernice

4. For family

5. For purple socks on a cold day




4 thoughts on “Enjoy Here And Now While It’s Here, Now

  1. Just had this conversation with my daughter who said she had straightened out her thinking and wanted to straighten out something else she was dealing with. She felt exhausted. I said don’t forget to smell the coffee and roses… It is so easy to not be present. When I was in Cancun and there was no wifi, I was astounded at how easy it was to not be on the computer. I thought I’d be in withdrawal. I love our connection, but sometimes it is ok to say later.. and then enjoy the company of the moment..
    Have a great day whatever you are doing.


  2. Hi Chris, today’s blog was right on and that is exactly what I am going to do (live and enjoy the now) for my remaining years which I hope are many. What ever! Gertrude


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