A Day Of Quiet Reflection

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 55 of 84

Three storms in seven days should make a record somewhere. That’s what we had in the past week: two snowstorms that shut down the schools last Monday and Wednesday, and 12 hours of freezing rain yesterday that closed church doors and small businesses. The list of cancellations started around 6h and just got longer as the morning progressed. It was kind of sad really, to see all the Christmas pageants, concerts and presentations for which children and grownups had diligently prepared, cancelled without further notice.

It was also mine and Dave’s fourth wedding anniversary!

I was thinking of our young marriage at midlife and how grateful I am to have had this second chance. I would be lying if I said that it’s been four years of ‘happily wedded bliss’. We each came into this union with our own suitcase full of good things, bad things, memories, children, traditions and expectations. So the past four years have been a process of sorting out our separate lives and making them into a new life together. It hasn’t always been easy, but as we go along, we understand each other better and our love for each other has deepened.

Getting the negativity out has helped a lot.

You could say that our plans as well as most other folks’ plans fell down mid-flight yesterday. So instead of going to church, buying lobster for Christmas and going out for an anniversary meal, we stayed inside and had a quiet day at home, and a supper of fajitas.

It was a day of quiet reflection and thankfulness.

Today I am grateful:

1. For a crackling fire on a stormy day

2. For four years of marriage and a deepening understanding of each other

3. For no power outage yesterday

4. For a good night’s sleep

5. I was going to write, For my son and daughter-in-law’s arrival this afternoon, but we just got notice that their flight from Toronto was cancelled. We are praying that they will make it here before Christmas…


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