Preemptive Positivity

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 51 of 84

Don’t you just love all the Christmas goodies that are around at this time of year? Colorful cookies, sumptuous squares, beautiful breads and fantastic finger foods are vying for a place on my plate everywhere I go these days, it seems. I have done a little baking myself but not too much because I am one of those people who can’t eat just one. I dive in, eat way too much and then feel nauseated and guilty afterwards.

Christmas feasting gets the better of me just about every year. It all starts with ‘just a taste’, and then escalates into a free for all. I end up gaining a few pounds and when those pounds are added to the weight I didn’t lose before the season started, well it makes for a not so pretty picture.

The consequence of overeating in December is that I start the New Year heavier and in a negative state of mind. Along with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it’s a recipe for disastrous negativity. January and February are already tough months here in the cold, frozen north, with fewer hours of sun as well as cold temps and a lot of snow.

Some years, that’s an understatement.

So this year I have decided to take the bull by the horns and inject some preemptive positivity into my life, right now. The other day I was listening to one of my gurus, Jon Gabriel, as he talked about how to stay positively healthy during the holidays, and avoid unhealthy habits. Here are some of them:

Visualize success- if you can picture yourself doing a healthy activity, like going out for a walk, you’re more apt to actually do it. As well, before going to a party, visualize yourself eating the healthy foods on the table before you go.

Eat some healthy food before going to the event- If you arrive hungry, you’re more apt to eat the first thing that’s presented to you. If you’re already reasonably full, you’ll be better able to resist the temptations.

Bring along some healthy food and drinks Any host or hostess would appreciate a veggie platter, or be daring and bring some homemade kale chips. It would be a conversation starter at the very least, but more importantly, it gives you something healthy to eat. I have gone to parties before with a protein shake in a thermal coffee cup. Everyone just thinks I’m finishing up my afternoon coffee and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Look over the food options before starting to eat- Put healthy food on your plate first, eat it and then decide what you want to do next.

And lastly, choose your battles- it’s not always possible to control the food situation, but you can minimize the damage by following some of these guidelines.

This is my plan as we go into the most feasting-est time of the year. The goal is to come out the other side in a good and positive mood.

  Today I am grateful:

1. For time during the storm yesterday to get preparations done at home

2. For the Christmas greetings that arrived in the mail

3. That our snow blower still works after all these years

4.  For the massage therapist that is helping my son

5. For Christmas music that makes me mellow


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