Being Sad VS Feeling Sad

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 48 of 84

As the days march on toward Christmas and the end of the year, I am finding myself more positive and more able to turn those negative thoughts around. I think it’s working most of the time. This no negativity challenge has been a good thing, is a good thing, and will have been a good thing by the time I get to the end of it and beyond. It’s keeping me mindful of my thoughts and words, but especially my thoughts.


I was feeling sad for much of the weekend and was about to chastise myself for being negative. But does being positive mean you can never be sad? Things happen in life that are not always wonderful, ecstatic and worthy of laughter. I didn’t wake up on Saturday morning and decide to be sad that day. Events of the past month have slowly worn me down and have given me this pervasive feeling of sadness. What to do?

I think there is a vast difference between feeling sad and being a sad person. A sad person might be one who is chronically depressed, or someone who sees the world in a negative light most of the time. There is not much you can do to change his mind and it doesn’t matter his circumstance; he is sad. On the other hand, a positive person can be happy most of the time but still express sadness and grief.

For example, I consider myself a mostly positive person, and I can usually talk myself out of a gloom and doom perspective. I can count my blessings and be content with what I have, where I am, today. But this past month has been quite a challenge, with my Mom fighting for her health in Newfoundland, and my son, still suffering from a concussion and its accompanying headaches. The future is uncertain and there is not a whole lot I can do for either of them right now other than to wait, to comfort, and to pray for them.

Actually, prayer has been a great help in calming my fears.

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds…”  Phil 4:7

In the meantime, I am keeping busy and hoping for the best.

 In the last post I neglected to write the five things for which I am grateful. Dave reminded me of this…I guess the negativity was creeping in. I didn’t forget to write them; I just didn’t. So today I will write ten.

Today I am grateful:

1. For my sister being there with Mom and Dad these past two weeks

2. That my son is here with me and I can take care of him

3. That my husband encourages and loves me

4. For the beautiful snow storm yesterday

5. For quiet reflection

6. For a long talk with Mom last evening

7. That my son wasn’t killed in the car accident

8. To have my own office, my own space to work in

9. For Sweet Tango apples

10. For good friends who helped out during the storm

Now, having written 10 grateful nesses, I feel more positive already!

Have a great week!


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