A Positively Delightful Restaurant Experience

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 46 of 84

There is a new coffee shop in town! So the other day, Dave and I decided to check it out. It’s in a very unassuming grey building set far back from the road, with a sandwich board out on the sidewalk announcing that they were open. We opened the door to the most delightful and inviting place. There was soft music emanating from a boom box at the back; artwork graced the walls and the high tables were at the ready to receive us. There was even a rack of upscale used clothing and accessories for sale. It was just delightful!

It was close to closing time and so there was only one other customer, which gave us a chance to talk to the owner, designer and cook, Ariel. She was just like her name: young, enthusiastic and innovative. Dave asked her where she studied to become such a great cook, and her answer surprised us. She said that she barely finished high school and then went backpacking in other countries. She ended up marrying a guy from Hawaii whom she brought back to the cold frozen North that is Nova Scotia.

She had always loved cooking and so she experimented with various recipes, many of which she tweaked to her liking. She made them uniquely her own. Ariel serves soups and sandwiches prepared in such a way that I would pass up on a steak to have one of them. Imagine Curried Cocoanut Squash Soup served with a Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich, followed by a Citrus Blueberry Scone and washed down with a cup of locally roasted coffee. That’s what we had the second time we visited. It left us hungry for more.

Well really, it’s not just the food that brings us back to the Edible Art Café.

It’s Ariel. She greets us when we go in; she takes the time to come to our table and ask how we like the food, and then engages in conversation with us. She smiles and is just so down to earth it’s inspiring. We’ll return there time and again for a grand dose of positivity and inspiration. And great food.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to gravitate to shops and restaurants that are positive, light and happy. I come away from them with the good feeling that young people today are incredibly innovative and courageous to take on new ventures and that the future of the next generation is looking good.


2 thoughts on “A Positively Delightful Restaurant Experience

  1. Humm, if ever I get to visit you in Nova Scotia, we will go eat there for sure. Coming from a good cook like you, it must be an excellent and special place! That soup looks so so good!


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