Ten Ways To Be More Positive

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 42 of 84

Today marks the halfway point in this no negativity challenge. The past 42 days have seen me being mindful of my thoughts and words and also catching myself when I start to go down a negative path. There are a few people who have joined with me in wiping out the negativity in their lives and there are also others who are keeping me accountable.

Ten of the most important things I have learned on the no negativity journey so far:

1. Hang out with positive people. Positivity is contagious, just as negativity is. So it is better to be with people who will pull you up to their level of positivity rather than negative people who will drag you down.

2. Watch your language. When you use words that are profanities, it taints the atmosphere and tends towards sarcasm and negative thinking. Think of having a cuss jar.

3. Show gratefulness. Writing down things you are grateful for will show you just how blessed you are. It will also make you conscious of the good things in your life rather than focusing on what’s not working.

4. Put things in perspective. Seeing the bigger picture makes you realize that most things work out in the end and also that things could be a lot worse.

5. Change “I have to” to “ I get to”. This is one of the biggest attitude changers I have used. When you have to do something, it is a chore and implies that you’d rather be doing something else. However, when you get to do something, it becomes a privilege. Think of taking out the garbage.

6. Be careful what you tell yourself about yourself. When you fill your mind with “I can’t do it, I’m fat, it’s too hard for me, I’ll never succeed, nobody likes me”, well that is what becomes true in your life. If you tell yourself the opposite, that’s usually what you’ll get.

7. Clean up your surroundings. It is a known fact that when you live in chaos, there is a tendency for negative thinking and depression. That includes your mind, your house, your car and your friends. On the other hand, when you put some order in your life by cleaning up some of those areas, you will feel better and more positive.

8. Choose Hope. Hope is what gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the courage to surmount them. Without hope you would never get out of your chair and do something about your situation. You can always hope that things will get better, and they usually do.

9. Listen to uplifting music. Music can be stimulating, arousing, calming, relaxing, stressful, irritating, melancholy, melodious, uplifting and it can change your mood, feed your emotions and make you buy things you don’t need. Listening to uplifting music makes you happy, clears your mind and goes a long way to planting positive thoughts in your mind.

10.  Decide to be positive. Making a decision every morning that it’s going to be a great day will go a long way to making it a great day. Not making that decision will ensure that your mood will follow your circumstance all day long. Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


Today I am grateful:

1. The most delectable curried cocoanut squash soup I had yesterday

2. That my mom is in good hands

3. For the opportunity to help a friend make a wreath for her front door.

4. For my brother-in-law who will take care of my son’s plant while he is away

5. A nice time out with my hubby yesterday while getting a lot of errands done




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