Life As A Huge Wave

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 41 of 84

Many years ago I was standing with a friend, waist deep in the ocean at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, just enjoying the warm water, the sandy ocean floor and the sun on my body. It was a most beautiful day with warm breezes, sunshine and camaraderie. While chatting with my friend, I didn’t notice that everything had grown quiet and that we were no longer waist-deep in the water.

We stopped our conversation long enough to look up and I saw the most gigantic wave of my life. Carole screamed and hightailed it to shore. I stood there transfixed. Catatonic would be more like it. The wave coming toward me was like a wall of aqua colored water, filled with all shapes and sizes of fish. It was most beautiful but it was also most dangerous.


 While contemplating the beauty of it all, in a split second I realized that I no longer had time to make a dash for shore; the wave was about to engulf me.

What to do?

Well first I screamed bloody murder, and as the wave was about mow me under, I did what any self respecting Newfoundlander would do.

I dove straight into the wave.

While I had expected the next few minutes to be my last, to my great surprise, the wall of water was just that: a wall. I dove into the wave screaming and came out the other side of it laughing.

I guess no one else knew that the wave was so thin because the lifeguards were coming towards me, ready for a catastrophe. They told me I had done the right thing in diving right into the wave; otherwise the outcome could have been very different.

Isn’t life like that sometimes?

I relived that wave in my dream last night as a reminder, I guess, to just dive into the tasks at hand rather than letting them mow me under. When I stand catatonic in the face of all that I ‘get to’ do, I can become quite negative, but when I dive in and just do them one by one, I come out the other side laughing.

That’s what I did yesterday. I tidied up the mess of four craft show leftovers and then I got gifts and cards wrapped, written and ready for mailing this morning. The fruits of my labour sit by the door waiting to go to the post office.


 And then I will move on to the next thing.

Today I am grateful for:

1. A great craft show on Saturday

2. A quiet day of rest on Sunday

3. Kindness shown to my Mom

4. Sunshine and smiles

5. The cashier who patiently took my returns and gave me a further discount.

6 thoughts on “Life As A Huge Wave

  1. Hi Christine, you sure made me laugh with this post, specially your expression: “I screamed bloody murder, and “I did what any self respecting Newfoundlander would do”. Already Day 41 of 84! You will have to think of something…I can’t imagine not finding you in my Inbox, every morning, after day 84! Lol ….Now, don’t let this comment stress you, have a great Monday my funny Girl xoxoxo
    *Today, I will think of you, and DIVE into what I wish to get done, thanks alot, good thinking!


  2. I was sitting at my computer and glanced over at the pile of photos that need to be organized..a daunting task for today…then I read your post….I shall dive in.. thanks my friend. B


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