Everything Will Be All Right In The End…

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 39 of 84

I’m off to my last craft show of the season this morning. Frankly, with other things on my plate these days, I haven’t been able to muster up the usual enthusiasm for getting out there with my wares once again. As I reluctantly packed up the car yesterday, I was feeling negative. I just wanted to sit in my chair and read or zone out. I think that the stresses of the past few weeks are finally catching up on me.

And I thought that maybe this wasn’t a great time to do a no negativity challenge. But wait! When is a good time?

I rationalized out loud with Dave later as we drove into town for a few errands. Doing a no negativity challenge is easy when life is great, no one is sick, the sun is shining and everyone is smiling. It’s not so easy when there are hardships, stressors and things are not going our way. It’s difficult when faced with problems that have no immediate resolution.

I guess that is why it is a challenge.

Actually, just because I am doing this challenge, I have been handling a lot of those stressors much better than I would have in the past. It is making me conscious of my thoughts and words pretty much all the time now, and I have noticed my disposition has improved. I am more positive. I think that some of it has rubbed off on certain people around me.

That’s the goal, right?

I wanted to do this challenge in the first place in order to get the negativity out and to realize that I am not my problems.

I’m reminded of that line I love from the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:

“Everything will be all right in the end… and if it’s not all right, then it’s not yet the end.”

And this one:

“Nothing here has worked out quite as I expected. Most things don’t. But sometimes what happens instead is the good stuff.”

Have a positive Saturday!

bicycle copy

Today I am grateful for:

1. A warm duvet blanket

2. A delightful craft show to attend this morning

3. Two days of no sugar!

4. My husband

5. The support I’ve received since starting this challenge

4 thoughts on “Everything Will Be All Right In The End…

  1. You are a blessing in my life Christine…may you be blessed today ten fold. B


  2. Hi Christine, I know for sure that Decembre is the worst month of the year for “stresses”!. Even if I’m leaving on vacation from December 22nd till January 6th, to run away from all of that stress, I can feel that I’m in the rat race anyway, whether I like it or not….Imagine! What’s hard for you at this time, is the fact that your son had that accident and your Mom is not well. I hope and pray that all will go well and don’t forget that God will work things out according to His plan. Love ya, Francine xx


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