Today I choose Hope

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 38 of 84

As the month of December marches on, I start to feel the tension building. It is getting more and more difficult to push out the negativity and to be positive. I have made my lists of things to do, gifts to buy and menus to plan. After all, my children are coming home for Christmas and I should be happy. I want to make a memorable family time for them, especially my daughter-in-law who has never experienced a traditional Canadian Christmas. I’ve bought her a Christmas stocking in anticipation of filling it with some little love gifts. There is prepared food at the ready in the freezer. The house is decorated. So what’s wrong with me? The holy music is playing.

Why am I not happy, merry and bright? Isn’t Jesus the reason for the season anyway?

Well yes.

But amidst all the cheery greetings, planning and parties, real life has crept in, and frankly, I am not feeling that merry, happy and peaceful at all.

When the cashier at Superstore wishes me Merry Christmas, I’m thinking of my son who will be coming home in the next few days with his concussion, and I worry about his health, his deferred exams and the success of his university year. I hope he will recover soon and be able to get back to his studies.

And when people send wishes with Happy Holidays written on them, I think of my old car, still sitting on a car lot waiting to be sold, and the bills waiting to be paid with the money from the non-existent sale. I hope the person who is supposed to look at it this afternoon will buy it.

Someone wished me Peace at Christmas and all I could think about is my precious mother, in a hospital bed in Newfoundland, waiting for test results that could devastate the family. I think of my father who is getting tired and discouraged with her condition and I hope for a positive result. I hope that Mom will soon be feeling better.

I think that what I am missing right now is that Hope. But what exactly is it? Wikipedia tells me that it is the state, which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or in the world at large. Hmm…I do have a desire for a positive outcome in all these situations.

The Bible says that “…faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

I can’t really see the outcomes right now, but I can believe that God will work things out according to His plan.

And Jerome Groopman, in The Anatomy of Hope, tells me that Hope gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them.

So if I have faith, and hope that all these situations will resolve themselves one way or another, it will give me the courage to march right through them.

This is powerful stuff here. By having Hope, my negative gloom and doom attitude can change to a more joyful and positive one.

Today I choose Hope.

hopeToday I am grateful for:

1. My sister who left her family for a couple of weeks to be with Mom

2. A visit with my cousin yesterday

3. The doctors and a certain nurse at the hospital

4. Finding the book I was looking for

5. Hope


8 thoughts on “Today I choose Hope

  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom, sending prayers, positive thoughts and hugs your way at this stressful time. Hoping for the best of outcomes.
    I know you son will get better once he is home with his family.




    • I infrequently give ” The Guy ” speech. My most recent speech was offered to my nephew. So far it hasn’t taken hold, but one day it’ll sink in.
      Who or what is the guy? Well let’s use the feminine gal as well. Who is that person? That’s the realist who through all the inventory taking, and problem listing comes to the realization that the cavalry isn’t showing up. That if any solutions are going to occur ” The Guy ” or ” The Gal “, better deliver.
      I’m ” The Guy ” in my neck of the woods. I didn’t apply for the job I just took it. So it seems to me that you are ” The Gal ” The house is set, the food is prepared, and the music is playing. I guess you are a little anxious and ready to roll. Every thing is going to work out. We are destined to remain in the background because most people never realize the work involved to have a peaceful life. I appreciate the level of concern you have taken in preparation for your holiday. Ifno one notices how much effort has gone on in the prep work, then you have done an awesome job. There is a tremendous job in securing that peace and joy feeling, and I think it is a blessing if it remains unnoticed.
      We Guys and Gals pay that price out of Love, and I’m sure that’s our inner reward.
      I actually have that tattooed on my chest. ” Freedom has a price.” Only those that pay the price have the honor of appreciating it.
      Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thank you for continuing your blog. And I sign off singing Elvis’s Blue Christmas, well humming it any way as I can’t sing a lick.


  3. Will respond soon. Gem of a post.


  4. I wish you new strenght and renewed hope to face the trials taht come before us knowing all thing work out for good to those who love Him. Praying for you. Love , Carole


  5. wish i could send hugs through email, wishing for strength for you in difficult times, hoping for the best


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