Christmas Cards For A Motley Group

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 36 of 84

Do you still send Christmas cards?

I remember, as a child growing up in Newfoundland, seeing piles of mail in the box the closer we got to Christmas. There were greeting cards of every size and color, coming from all over North America and some from Overseas.

It was a great opportunity for adding stamps to my growing collection!

The cards usually included Christmas greetings as well as hand written notes from Auntie Doris, Uncle Joe, or another family member, friend or neighbour who had moved away. Sometimes there would even be a photo included. Once opened they were either displayed somewhere on a mantle, taped to the wall, or put in a basket and left out for perusing.

Christmas card giving was an integral tradition of the season.

As the years have passed, so has the quantity of Christmas cards. I know, there are practical reasons why we don’t send them any more: we’re saving the planet, we’re saving money, and the most prevalent one, we’re so busy we don’t have time to send cards and write notes any more. Many people send either e-cards or no cards at all.

Dave and I still send cards, although not as many as our parents did. The early December ritual is alive and well at our house.

So this morning as I was looking over the list of people I’ll be sending Christmas cards to this year, I started thinking of each one of them. One has had a recent death in the family, another is fighting a devastating illness, and yet another has recently become a grandmother. There are others who were old friends from a long time ago and we still keep in touch through Facebook or by phone. Some live alone now either because of divorce, death or an empty nest. Some suffer from depression.

A motley group, and I am sure my name fits in on someone else’s motley group, in some other category.

I’ll be writing my Christmas cards this week and including a little note; the time it takes will be time they will be in my prayers and I will think of each of them with love.

And I will wish them happiness and hope.


 Today I am grateful for:

1. The Christmas cards received so far

2. All my friends and family that I am thinking of today

3. The rain pounding down right now that is not snow

4. People from my church that I will be dining with today

5. My parents




2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards For A Motley Group

  1. Very nice post Christine! I still really enjoy receiving cards too and especially appreciate it if people take the time to write a hand written note telling me about their lives.
    I tend to just write people that I am not in touch with frequently, and that don’t have computers, email etc.


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