What’s Your Jabber Jabber Talk Talk?

Positivity No Negativity Challenge

Day 35 of 84

 It amazes me just how fast our thoughts can change from one mode to another. A few weeks ago someone suggested that I write down all my negative thoughts as they came to me. I never really thought I had that many negative thoughts; I always thought of myself as a ‘glass half full’ type of person. So to humor this person, I decided to do it.

With my notebook at the ready, I plunged into my first couple of days.

There is talk that goes on in a person’s mind constantly. The mind is almost never a blank, except maybe while meditating and then it is only with great effort that we can keep the stream of thoughts out. I like to think of the conversation that goes on in my mind as ‘jabber jabber talk talk’. It’s the talk that sorts out our thoughts; it’s sometimes our lower self, arguing with our higher self and it’s the constant stream of opinions, fears, what ifs and fatalistic thoughts of whatamIgoingtodoaboutthatsituation.

Once I became conscious of the negative thoughts and started writing them down, I was shocked at not only the quantity but also the intensity of them. Some of my thoughts were downright ugly, directed not only at myself but also at others. They put me in a bad mood.

After I had filled a page with my negative jabber jabber talk talk, I decided to stop it in its tracks. I couldn’t believe how fast the negative thoughts disappeared. They just stopped. Occasionally a negative thought crept in and I recognized it as such right away. I immediately banished it to the recycling bin.

My disposition changed overnight and people close to me immediately noticed.

I noticed.

The nasty ‘jabber jabber talk talk’ changed to loving thoughts; thoughts that give a person the benefit of the doubt; thoughts that have compassion for others.

My assignment was supposed to have lasted two weeks, but within less than 48 hours I had nothing left to write in my notebook.

I think I’m on to something here…


 I am grateful for:

1. A connected family

2. The holly bush in the front yard that is resplendent with luscious red berries

3. My son’s grade five rendition of The Starry Night that hangs in my office

4. A certain doctor in Corner Brook, NL

5. Positive thoughts that start to crowd out the negative ones



2 thoughts on “What’s Your Jabber Jabber Talk Talk?

  1. I’ve read of this state of mind and it being called ” Monkey Mind.” The cure of which is first recognizing it, and practice meditation. To me meditation is a lot like golfing, you never perfect it but you can get better. Of course the reward is the journey itself.

    Thanks for the post.


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