Positivity Starts At Home

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 33 of 84

 When I was growing up I often heard the expression, “Charity begins at home.” Well, what does that mean? Does anyone even use that expression any more? What is Charity?

The expression meant that you should take care of your family and people close to you before you worry about helping others. What was implied was that the church should worry less about foreign aid and focus on helping the needy here at home. And finally, if you really want to make the world a better place, start by being polite to your sister. Charity begins at home.

Today I am suggesting that like charity, positivity begins at home. Can you imagine being a scowling, grumbling grouch at home and then going out to greet the world with a big smile and a helpful attitude? I know, it happens, but the face you put on for your family is your real face, not the one everyone else sees. It’s the face that shows your true disposition.

Family is our greatest treasure and our incredible joy, and when we finally realize that fact, we can cultivate a happy and loving one. If we speak kindly, tell our children and spouses that we love them and follow up with respect for them, then we will have a happy and positive life.

On days that I am the scowling, grumbling grouch that goes out the door and then pastes on the smile for my friends to see, I don’t feel very positive about myself. I feel like a phony and sad that I wasn’t kind and loving to the people that mean the very most to me in the whole world.


Here are some ways to be positive at home:

– Keep the house free of clutter; make it peaceful

– Cherish your family by making a healthy meal

– Make someone’s bed

– Smile, smile, smile

– Have a kind word for a family member who is struggling

– Put candles on the table at mealtime, and light them

– Say, “Thank you!”

Ok, now its your turn.  How will you find ways to be positive at home this weekend?


  Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. My family

2. Supper all prepared for me last evening

3. A confidante who is helping me to become a better person

4. People who read my blog and encourage me

5. Prayers of so many people after my son’s accident

3 thoughts on “Positivity Starts At Home

  1. Wow, you sure are surrounded by 3 beautiful boys!! And you look great, nice family picture!! I can’t beleive little Aaron is an adult now. I remember his baby face, a bit shy with me at the beginning, when we met, but after a while he changed, and he would play tricks on me…humm 🙂 Nice souvenir!
    Have a great day xxx


  2. Great posts thanks.
    I had a longer post which wp did not allow for posting. ???
    I thanked you because you helped me not go through all the bs that went on yesterday. I focused on my boss telling me to make something happen instead of three people standing around looking for someone to blame. Thanks to your post I was able to quickly remind myself of that point. It’s nice to be nice, but I thank you for helping me this morning and not have to burn through two cups of coffee trying to wake up.


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