Clutter and the Mind

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 31 of 84

 I’ve noticed that my environment affects my mood. When I go into the kitchen to do some cooking or baking, the very first thing I do is to clean up the workspace. I need clean counters, free of clutter and a clean sink, or I become catatonic and am not able to get started.

It’s the same thing with my office. That room becomes a gathering place for all things personal, like writing, gift giving, reading, paperwork, knitting and whatever else I have on the go. There are notes to self, photos, receipts and bank statements on my desk. It’s my personal space and I guess it becomes a reflection of my state of mind at any given time.

Just like the kitchen, its difficult to get much done when the place looks like a cyclone hit it. Very often my desk is piled with the week’s ‘stuff’ so much so that I have to sit in the easy chair to write. I’m trying to clean it up once a week. Sometimes it works, but often it gets a little out of control.

One glance at that desk crowded with bits of just about every aspect of my life is an incredible distraction to focusing on the task at hand.

desk*Unedited pic of my desk extremely recently

It’s depressing.

But when my desk is tidy, it is more conducive to getting some work done.

desk2See the difference?

Did you ever notice that when you visit people who are chronically depressed and negative, that often their home is  full of clutter? I listened to a woman speak at a conference many years ago about her debilitating depression and how it was ruining not only her own life but her family’s life as well. She told us of how she was counseled to clean up her home, and start to get rid of the clutter and disorderliness. She got to work, and it took a long time, but with the help of her family she was able to accomplish the task. Out went bags of things they weren’t using and spaces were tidied up. There had been a lot of garbage lying around, broken toys, clothing all over the place, and her cupboards were a disaster area.

When her house was cleaned up and she learned a method of maintaining the tidiness, she became a much more positive and happy person.

The depression lifted.


I am not saying that being cured of depression is as simplistic as cleaning up the house; what I am saying is that getting rid of the clutter is a great first step to a more positive mindset that can help to alleviate some symptoms of depression. I have noticed this in my own life time and again.

Today I am thankful

1. For the Knitting Ninnies

2. That no trees fell on our property during last evening’s windstorm

3. For my close friends

4. For an orderly living room that I love to sit in with Dave

5. For a good day of accomplishment yesterday




3 thoughts on “Clutter and the Mind

  1. Hi Christine, That is so true…I had to laugh when I saw the first picture of your desk, I just couldn’t beleive it was yours!!! Then, when I scrolled down and saw the second picture, I said to myself: “There’s my Christine”! You know, my supervisor at work couldn’t beleive me when I had told her that every Saturday morning, what made me feel good to start off the week-end, was to empty my purse on the kitchen counter, then put it all back in, throwing out bills, dirty kleenex’s and all kinds of accumulated junk in there! It does work for me, but I need to do that all over my house now, lol xxx Thanks for reminding me 🙂


    • Ha ha Francine, sometimes my life gets a little carried away with things and my desk all too often ends up like this. I love the idea of cleaning out your purse every week as well! XO


      • You also had let me in, on never putting the purse down on the floor, something to do with money? humm that’s far in my memory, but still there… Check your Gmail….sent out a longer note…xxx


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