A Compliment Complements YOU

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 30 of 84

 I am a Michael’s junkie; I admit it. When the store flyers come every week I rush through the hardware store, the grocery store and the specialty store flyers until I come to the prize- Michael’s Arts and Crafts! Sometimes their specials are nothing short of spectacular, and I find all sorts of things I didn’t know I needed.


Yesterday there were some great specials advertised and coupons to go with them, like Christmas ribbon 70% off and half price yarn, and a coupon for 30% more off. Along with droves of other women I patiently stood in line to pay for my treasures and finally found myself in front of a cashier who looked vaguely familiar.

No way, I thought, it couldn’t be the same person.

I remembered one day last year when I was exchanging some yarn and this girl helped me out. She was dressed in black, was at least 50 pounds overweight and had dark circles under her eyes, long greasy hair and an expression that said, “Don’t mess with me.” She looked like she was in pain.

And so I said to her, “Are you having a rough day?”

She told me all about her bad back and the medications she was taking that left her drained and ‘not all there’. I told her I was sorry she had to suffer all that.

And then I was gone.

This girl had the same hair, but now it wasn’t greasy. She was slimmer and her eyes were bright. With a white blouse and some well-applied makeup she looked great and she was smiling. I knew there was a lineup of people waiting to pay for their treasures, but I couldn’t keep silent.

“You used to have a bad back, right?”

“Yes I did.”

“But you don’t have that problem any more, right?”

“No, I’m feeling much better now, thank you.”

“What made the difference for you?”

“Well, I got off all my meds, started eating right and exercising. I lost a lot of weight and most of my physical problems just left me.”

And then I told her that I noticed a huge difference in her, that she looked fantastic, healthy and happy. She thanked me for not only noticing and asking about her health, but also for the great compliment.

She said, “You made my day; no, you made my week! Thank you so much!”

She was all smiles. Me too.

As I went through the rest of my day, things just got better and better. My mood was upbeat and positive to the point that anything was possible. I went to do some errands with a feeling that I had touched someone’s life in a good way, and I found that my attitude was contagious. Everywhere I went, there was good conversation and laughter.

I had no negative thoughts. None.

Giving a compliment not only makes the receiver feel great; it also does something to the person giving it. I’ve found that like yesterday, when I tell someone they have a great smile, or a positive attitude, or that their effort shows results, it makes me feel good as well.

It takes the focus off me, and that is always a good thing. I think I will find someone else to compliment today. How about you?

 Today I am thankful

1. That I was able to brighten someone’s day

2. To have found a Coach purse at a consignment shop!

3. That someone wants to see my car (please, please buy it)

4. For great sales at Michael’s

5. For a wonderful meal out with Dave last evening.


4 thoughts on “A Compliment Complements YOU

  1. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. You are absolutely spot on. What a difference it makes in everyone’s life when you really notice and say something about the positives you see in someone. Nobody likes to feel invisible and I believe you really made her feel special today. My compliments to you 🙂


  2. Hi Christine…I’m complimenting YOU on your talent to Post these messages every single day! They are always very interesting, helpful and sometimes so funny. Thank God for you 🙂


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