You’ve Had Better, But You’ve Had Worse

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 28 of 84

 In small town Nova Scotia some years back there was a man named Harry Crackenback. * Harry was slightly mentally challenged but the whole town knew him and they humored him. On an evening in winter, Harry used to go down to the local pub and take his place at a table where someone would buy him a beer or two. Back then there was a little stage and a microphone where anyone with a semblance of talent could get up and entertain the group. The stool behind that microphone was just too inviting, and so after a couple of beers, Harry used to get up with his accordion and spin out a ditty or two for the group.


He wasn’t very good and he knew it but that never stopped Harry. After his song, there would be some polite applause, after which he used to say, “Thank you. You’ve heard better, but you’ve heard worse.”

What a great and positive attitude!

We use Harry’s line in our house whenever something isn’t up to par , and it adds a little humor to a potentially tense situation:

If dinner is not up to par: “You’ve had better, but you’ve had worse.”

When a movie at the theatre is lousy, “We’ve seen better, but we’ve seen worse.”

When the hotel bed is shaped like a banana, “We’ve slept in better, but we’ve slept in worse.”

When the coffee tastes like dishwater, “I’ve had better, but I’ve had worse.”

On a disappointing vacation, “We’ve gone to better places, but we’ve gone to worse.”

And then we laugh about it.

And so it is in life, you’ve had better but you’ve had worse. When I was going through a very dark time a few years ago, on the days I was feeling so down and out and hopeless about my situation, I would meet someone who was worse off than me. That always helped me to put things in perspective. Things were not good, but they could have been much worse.

Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. A quiet and restful Sunday

2. A successful craft show on the weekend

3. Being a member of my church

4. The duvet on my bed that is so warm and comfy

5. My brother-in-law who makes me laugh without even trying.

*Not his real name







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