Grinch No More

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 26 of 84

 The past few years I have had a hard time to get into the Christmas spirit. After my divorce in 2004, Christmas became a time of loneliness and hardship, even with my precious children around me. I went through the motions but there was an emptiness that I just couldn’t shake.

Then in 2009 I remarried and moved 1300 kilometers away with my youngest son and so my children have not been home together for Christmas since that time.

Really you could say that I have been negative on Christmas for the past few years. When Dave talked about putting up the tree, I would just let him go ahead but my heart wasn’t really in it. When he wanted to put up lights outside, I would naysay that as well. And then talk of gifts, baking and parties just put me in a tailspin. I would have cancelled Christmas if it was in my power. You could say I was a right proper Grinch.



N. Amer.informal

noun: Grinch; plural noun: Grinches

1. a spoilsport or killjoy.

It’s not that I planned nor wanted to be like that. It just was. About the only thing I really enjoyed was going to the Christmas service at church and singing the carols. That always brought me back to a day when life was much more simple and peaceful.

This year promises to be different.

I had some wonderful news this week- two out of three of my sons and my daughter-in-law will be coming home for Christmas!!! I am making food plans, activity plans, decorating plans, gift plans and party plans. Excitement reigns.

Interesting, isn’t it, how my Christmas disposition has been at the mercy of what other people are or are not doing. I wonder if my new positive attitude had anything to do with the imminent arrival of my cherished family.

Now there’s something to think about.


 Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. Hubby’s help at the craft show today

2. Making two new friends who make me laugh like crazy

3. Something amazing to look forward to this Christmas

4. A special ceremony at church tomorrow

5. An undisturbed quiet time every morning






One thought on “Grinch No More

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