Negative Energy Can Be Contagious

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 24 of 84

What do you do when you walk into a barrage of negativity?

Yesterday I walked into a room perfectly calm, with a perfectly upbeat attitude. Within ten minutes I listened to complaints about what certain service people didn’t do, lamentations over a car job not up to speed, criticism of another job and an explanation of the worker’s stupidity, and finally indignation over slow government workers. I’m not saying that all these complaints weren’t justified; I’m just saying that it was a lot to take all at once. I could feel myself getting tense inside and my perfectly calm and upbeat attitude left me. This negative energy was really affecting me and I needed a way to remain positive

What to do?

I retreated to my ‘quiet space’ and just waited for things to subside. The whole thing left me drained and I carried that emptiness into the night. I am still trying to process why it had such an effect on me; the complaints had nothing to do with me. I had nothing to do with them and I couldn’t solve them.

If the energy of others is negative, it really affects me. I am quite prone to picking up on the tone and mood of others and I know it can change my mood completely when someone else is in a negative place.


So I started thinking about the whole thing. I asked myself some important questions:

How am I feeling right now?

How is my body reacting to these negative emotions?

How do I want my body to react?

What do I really think of the situation?

How can I focus more on my own thoughts and less on someone else’s words?

Once I started asking myself these questions and redirecting my focus to myself instead of to the other person, I began to feel better. I realized that I was actually feeling just fine and that I couldn’t let their negative energy take away from my pleasant mood. Rationally speaking, their negativity had nothing to do with me.

This is an important realization for me and I’ll have to keep it in  mind today and beyond.

Things for which I am happy and grateful:

1. Finding a Scrabble game at Frenchys

2. A good discussion on Christmas gifts

3. A great meeting last evening

4. Taco salad

5. Selling a shawl on Etsy

4 thoughts on “Negative Energy Can Be Contagious

  1. “If the energy of others is negative, it really affects me. I am quite prone to picking up on the tone and mood of others and I know it can change my mood completely when someone else is in a negative place.” – This describes me as well. I feel like a sponge sometimes. It sounds like you came up with a good coping strategy – Ask yourself questions in order to create some distance from your emotions. That time/space you gave yourself seemed to allow you to detach yourself from “taking ownership” of their emotional state. Great idea!


  2. Thanks Chrissie.
    For what?
    Well, for taking the time to write everyday.
    For focusing on a challenge to our sanity which is generally ignored. I think I tend to go along with the ‘ herd’ mentality.
    So, thanks for the energy you are trying to unleash.
    Filling needs or pushing product, have you ever noticed how a problem is always followed by a product in ads. Hmmm, food for thought.
    I had to stay home from work today, so I get to respond here. Thanks. I’m going to go over and grab some Duane Dryer, I hope I didn’t just slaughter his name.


    • Duane Dryer indeed! You know, I’m so happy to see that there are some people reading my blog every day and hopefully it will give them something to think about. Your appreciation means the world to me.


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