Energy Giver vs Energy Taker

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 21 of 84

Did you ever notice that after spending time with some people, you come away energized, inspired, uplifted and motivated? They are interested in what you are doing and they have habits you want to emulate. When you meet with them, the conversation flows smoothly and is not one sided, and there is usually a lot of laughter. Healthy laughter. Their homes are filled with family and love, even if they live alone. I have some friends who are like that and each time we get together, I feel so privileged to know them and I can’t wait until the next time we will meet. These people are energy givers.

Then there are people who suck the life out of you and afterwards take the coat off your back (figuratively speaking). You might visit them out of a sense of obligation or just because they have been in your life for so long, or maybe they are family and you really have no choice. The point here is that you don’t really want to see them. The conversation is usually one-sided and is filled with complaining, if-onlys, and negativity. You come away from them feeling depressed, guilty, hopeless, and worn out. These people are energy takers.

Everyone knows people from both categories. In fact, we all fit into one of those categories.

We each are either an energy giver or an energy taker.


An Energy Giver:

-Will find a way to do it

-Will see the good in just about everything

-Sees the glass as half full

-Will not get caught up in gossip

-Smiles a lot

– Will jump in and help

– Calls to see if you are ok

-Shares in your success

-lives in the present and has hope for the future


An Energy Taker:

-Will say, “It can’t be done.”

-Will tell you what is wrong with just about everything

-Sees her glass as half empty

-Is self righteously indignant about things that don’t concern him

-Sighs a lot

-Is too busy complaining about a situation to find a solution

– Often has a victim mentality

-is jealous when you succeed

-often lives in the past


Every day when we wake up we have a choice: to be an energy giver or an energy taker.

Which one will you be today? It’s a brand new week – let’s start it off with life giving energy!



Have a positively great week!

5 thoughts on “Energy Giver vs Energy Taker

  1. Oh how I love reading your blogs! We are off to Mesa in a few days and am getting things ready for the trip.We are flying to St Lucia for a month Dec 5-Jan 7.I won’t be back on line until after that! Keep that positive energy up and keep smiling !!!


  2. Great post!! Love the energy giver description, something to aim for… Wish you guys lived closer. Have a great week!!!


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