Reprogramming Our Thought Processes

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 19 of 84

At times the negative voice in my thought life is talking so fast I have to stop what I am doing and take account. It is saying things like

“You can’t do this.”

“Who are you trying to kid?”

“Why would they listen to you?”

“Someone else could do a better job.”

“You’ll never get to Paris again.”

Get the picture? So I take each negative thought and ask myself, “Is it true?” Most often these thoughts are not true; they come from my inner child who has no self-confidence. If I believed these thoughts and gave in to them, I would sit in my chair and do nothing.

Let’s be realistic: giving in to our negative thoughts just begets more negativity. Opposing them and choosing to believe the best about others and ourselves brings on a healthier thought process and by consequence, a happier life.

Let’ turn each of those negative thoughts into positive ones; thoughts that have promise and hope:

“You can’t do this.”  VS   “I can give it my best shot.”

“Who are you trying to kid?”   VS   “Seriously, I can do it.”

“Why would they listen to you?”   VS   “I know more about this than most people here.”

“Someone else could do a better job.”   VS   “I am the just as good as anyone else.”

“You’ll never get to Paris again.”  VS   “I will make a goal, set a date and start saving for that coveted trip.”

It’s all about reprogramming your thought processes.

I once had a respected friend with whom I loved spending time. He used to tell me that he was BUF. When I think of a buff person, it conjures up a certain image. Well that’s not what he meant. He told me that being BUF meant he was Bald, Ugly and Fat. When he said that repeatedly, it diminished him in my eyes. I didn’t think he was bald, ugly and fat…well, he was bald, and he did have a few extra pounds, but in my eyes he was a Greek god. I asked him many times to stop saying that about himself, but he told me he was just being realistic. In actuality he was programming his unconscious mind to believe that about himself.

And he did.


What do you believe about yourself that is not true?

 Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. A fresh new day with unlimited possibilities

2. A great steak supper with my hubby last evening

3. The hope that some of my kids will be home for Christmas

4. The guys who are repaving my subdivision this week

5. A most beautiful sunset

Have a positively fabulous weekend!



3 thoughts on “Reprogramming Our Thought Processes

  1. Perhaps my last post was too long. In any event thank you for the post. I wrote about returnig home from my youthful travels and the compelling forces that make us do so. The Iliad is a classic example. I wrote with a little more detail earlier, but it would not allow the post.


  2. I couldn’t leaxve a comment???


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