A Drop Of Goodness

Positively No Negativity challenge

Day 18 of 84

As I focus on getting rid of the negativity in my life, it seems that there is a barrage of it coming from all sides; testing, if you will. For example, if it is a beautiful day and I mention it, there is someone who will say, “But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.” And then I have to focus on the day that God has given me, make the most of it and ignore the negative comments.

Did you ever meet people who just can’t enjoy happiness or success? They are always waiting for the other shoe to fall. I have actually heard people say that they are afraid to relax and enjoy their good fortune because they know it won’t last and things will go back to being miserable before too long. With thoughts like that they probably will.

Well, if Anthony Robbins is right, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life”. I don’t know about you, but I am going to hold onto life giving thoughts rather than looking at all the ‘what ifs’ of a given situation.

One of my sons is a musician living in Montreal, and a couple of years ago he was blessed to meet an elderly couple in their 80’s who wanted to take weekly piano lessons from him. They became very good friends and learned a lot about each other during their times together, not just during piano lessons but also while dining together and attending concerts.  ‘Marie et Charles’ are constantly learning new things and they love to travel to New York and Paris to visit museums and go to concerts, filling themselves with culture and goodness. Charles is a two-time cancer survivor in his mid 80’s and has never let that fact slow him down. My son tells me that he continued to go to work during his cancer treatments; a little worse for wear but nonetheless there. He and Marie are incredibly positive examples of good living for my son. In his words, “ Charles’ glass is always half full, and even if it is filled with poison, he will find one drop of goodness in there and run with it.”

glassWow! What a positive mindset.

I want to be like Charles when I grow up. How about you?

Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. A safe drive home yesterday

2. A time of solitude last evening

3. That my son’s accident resulted only in minor injuries

4. Positive and uplifting people in my life

5. Having a good laugh

4 thoughts on “A Drop Of Goodness

  1. Yesssss, this positive attitude, daily thing, really is contagious! I’m translating your posts to my hubby, every little bit counts. When one of us make a negative comment, we now do a “beep” sound…so funny. Thanks Christine 🙂


  2. Like this challenge you are doing. Share the positive attitude, it is contagious!


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