The Radar Screen of Life

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 15 of 84

Here we are, two weeks into the Positively No Negativity Challenge. Is it working? Well, I have become much more conscious of my thoughts and words and I have caught myself with negative attitudes and succeeded some of the time to change them around. It’s a process, to be sure.

This challenge is not about working hard to be more positive; its about wiping out the negativity, and by consequence being more positive, and happy. I believe that when we add positive things and thoughts into our day, the negativity takes the back door.

Well that’s what I’m saying, although sometimes it’s quite difficult. Let me explain.

Did you ever go on a diet and you tell everyone about it so that you’ll be accountable?  You know, the more people you tell, the more apt you are to stick to your program? You look so pious and dedicated, eating celery and carrots when out in public; no dessert for you. You’re an example to all those people stuffing their faces with the forbidden foods. But when you’re at home alone, when no one is looking at what you are eating, you (gasp) cheat. You don’t just cheat; you actually binge. And then you wonder why you don’t lose any weight.

Well, some days I feel like that. I’m positive here and around people who know I’m doing this positivity challenge, but some days I am more negative than positive in my mind. I worry. I conjure up the ‘worst case scenario’, I fret and whine. And the only person to see that is Dave, my hubby. When that happens (and it does) I feel like a bit of a phony.

That’s when I have to reel myself back in.

I ask myself this question: “What will this situation matter in six months? Two years? Five years? Eternity? When I actually take the time to think it through, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a blip on the radar screen of life.



Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. A little getaway with my hubby

2. So grateful that God keeps my children safe

3. Waking up to a crisp morning

4. A chance to see Good Morning Vietnam last evening

5. A restaurant that served ‘my kind of food’



3 thoughts on “The Radar Screen of Life

  1. I really appreciate the honesty of your posts. You are able to strive towards a more positive outlook while still having the integrity to acknowledge your imperfections. This makes you a good example for all of us. You keep it real 🙂


  2. Hey Chrissie,
    I don’t necessarily buy in to that ” tell everybody” accountability stuff. We didn’t create the negativity swell. We allow ourselves to flow along on it. Most people are not at your level of consciousness. How many times have you expressed a thought or concept and get answered with a jingle from a TV ad. Or someone offers the latest magazine article as a reply. They are not bad people, they aren’t thinkers. If I may suggest, treat your precious thoughts as the gems that they are.


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