Positivity Requires Action

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Day 9


Being positive is a decision I have to make every morning

And every afternoon

And every night before going to bed. It’s kind of like a prayer.

So this morning I am wondering how it is possible to be positive about going to the dentist? That’s where I ‘get to’ go this morning. In anticipation of the needle and its accompanying pain, I made a pre emptive call to the dentist office yesterday just to say that I have a very low pain threshold and could they possibly plan to give me a little needle to freeze my gums before giving me the ‘mother of all needles’ in the front of my mouth?

They said yes!

So I’m learning that sometimes staying positive requires some action on my part. If I hadn’t made that call I would be going to the dentist anxious and worried, which are not positive emotions.

At least one person has noticed my positive attitude over the past nine days. They  said I am ‘easier’ to be around. Hmmm…..

Five things that made me happy and grateful yesterday:

1. A few good hearted laughs with my sisters last evening

2. Compliant Dentist (stay tuned for this one)

3. A book order from a far away place

4. 30 jars of Ginger Pear Marmalade made for the next craft show

5. Driving my new car

3 thoughts on “Positivity Requires Action

  1. There’s nothing like a good old belly laugh!! Seems like you’re doing great!

    Hope you didn’t need the “hard drugs” lol! Love your lavender sign !!


  2. Your smile is the first thing that I noticed when I first met you 11 years ago!!! I know what you mean about needless, I have a very low pain threshold also. You are probably back home now, and got it all behind you. Keep up the good work Christine 🙂


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