Sometimes It Takes a Change In Perspective

Day 7

Positively No Negativity Challenge


The other day I was reading about a woman named Margaret who was in her early sixties and single. She was asked to babysit her neighbor’s 9-year-old son while the mom went to an appointment. Her first thoughts were,

“She must think that because of my age that I have nothing to do.”

“So this is what I am reduced to…babysitting.”

“I just can’t relate to a 9 year old anymore. What on earth am I going to do with him?”

“I am so not in the mood for this. I have other things on my mind today.”

And as all these negative thoughts ran through her brain, Margaret decided that instead of dreading her morning, she was going to be thrilled to take care of precious Kevin for a couple of hours.

And she was.

They made cookies with candy in them. They got flour on their noses and cheeks and laughed their heads off. When they finished cleaning themselves and the kitchen up, they went to the park. They rode so high on the swings they felt like they were flying.  Margaret felt young again.

cookiesSo instead of having a morning that felt like going to the dentist, Margaret and Kevin had a splendid time.  I have found that sometimes a little change of perspective is all it takes.

Instead of saying, “I have to take care of the neighbor’s son”, Margaret changed her thinking to say,  “I GET TO take care of sweet Kevin!”

Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective to be positive.

That’s what happened to me on Saturday at the craft show. I decided to go in with a positive attitude and ended up having the perfect day. My sales were up and I went home happy. I’m so glad I decided to be positive about the whole thing. Being positive put me in a good mood and made me confident to engage my customers in conversation, which in turn made them linger longer at my table and purchase items they could be thrilled with.

What did you ‘GET TO’ do today?






6 thoughts on “Sometimes It Takes a Change In Perspective

  1. Fantastic story and what a handsome boy Kevin is.Glad you had a great time at the craft show…Just like ‘The Little Engine That Could…..I think I can ! I think I can …..Job well done!


  2. Virginia Pantella

    Hi Christine,
    I’m Martha’s daughter Ginny. Now I’m not sure exactly how we’re related lol but anyway.. I was just talking with my mom my on the phone about the topic of your blog and the choice I’ve made to see what could happen if more attention was given to positive thoughts than negative ones. I’m going to do an experiment over the next two months to see how it affects my life. I figure either way thoughts live rent free in your head and it’s up to you what kind of tenants you want to have living there. Your email about the cookbooks cane in after our phone call and Mom forwarded me your blog. Gave me the feeling that the change of mindset is already working because it led you to me. I’ve subscribed to your blog and I look forward to your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Alex- I love your stories!


  4. Francine Ranger

    Hi, my hubby was in my computor yesterday, and he asked: “What’s this, Chrissie’s Take”? So I explained, he enjoyed hearing from you and your Positively No Negativity Challenge…It’s working fine with me but I’m trying real hard to get HIM to change for a positive attitude…Hummm….Lot’s of work for me, but I’m staying positive that he might change, with time… lol


  5. Great post Christine. Thanks. I’ll share a good story later.


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