Do More of What Makes You Happy

Day 4

Positively No Negativity Challenge

Dave has bought a new toy, a leaf blower! He showed me how to start it before leaving this morning, and I thought that maybe I would give it a try. I managed to get the thing going…there’s something downright earthy and manly about pulling on that cord to start a ‘man toy’.  Well I got it started and then went out to the pit of leaves that is our back yard. I aimed that thing and pulled the trigger, thinking, “I’ll get every one of you!” It was a very powerful airstream.

Nothing moved.

It was still too early and the leaves were frozen to the ground. Groan.

On the bright side, I got to do some of the things on my never-ending to-do list in the house, thinking that I would save the yard for later.

Well I had an absolute blast this afternoon just making huge piles of all those leaves! I kept going with that thing, making a lot of noise and clearing a good chunk of the yard…until it ran out of gas.

leavesBy then my shoulders were quite cramped anyway so it was time for a well-deserved coffee. Problem was, my arm was shaking so much I couldn’t lift the cup! This little outing and burst of energy served to take my mind off some negative thoughts from the day before. I ended up feeling accomplished and upbeat.

So my thought for the day is….Do more of what makes you happy!

Five happy things for which I am grateful:

1. Getting a chance to use Dave’s new toy…the leaf blower

2. News from a friend who is doing better

3. A day free of commitments and appointments

4. An unexpected gift in the mail

5. Successfully tried a new recipe: Gerri’s Pumpkin Squares…YUM!

I managed to keep my day quite positive, although I almost fell into a pit of negativity during a conversation. Its funny, now that I have decided to practice positivity, I started to feel guilty just hearing some negativity. How quickly we adapt to a new way of thinking!

Practice makes perfect, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Do More of What Makes You Happy

  1. BTW,you look great! I wish we had those gorgeous leaves where we live .Glad to hear you had 5 things you were grateful for,wonder how you would rate them in order of importance??? Just something to ponder .Keep on smiling and the negative thoughts will disappear! Take ‘er easy eh.


  2. Hehe, great picture of you with the new toy! We have one here, same thing, but I’m not strong enough to carry it around, so I end up raking. No Wonder your shoulders were cramped, take it easy my friend 🙂 Up to now, I have 30 extra large bags, full! I love doing that on warm days, so my plan is to do some this afternoon, so I will be thinking of you..
    Yes….Today, I will do more of what makes me happy! Thanks Christine xxx


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