Positively No Negativity Challenge




  DAY 1


I have decided to challenge myself to being positive for the next 84 days. That means keeping    my thoughts positive, but especially my words. It also means no gossip.

I am doing this for many reasons, but the two that are predominant are

1. To see whether or not I can really do it and

2. To find out how it will change my life.

I will attempt to blog every day or every other day, something positive and also how I overcame or did not overcome, something negative.

Come along for the ride!


7 thoughts on “Positively No Negativity Challenge

  1. You idea sounds wonderful !!
    Count me in !


  2. Thanks Christine. I left a lengthy response but the internet goblins must have gobbled it up.


  3. Hi Christine,
    Great thoughts, can’t wait for your next post and the new attitude. Personally I was going to drop from our group on facebook and the challenge. But from your post I recognize we all need to move in a foward motion. My thinking reminded me of a scene from the Godfather, “… everytime I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in.” Although in this regard it is a positive thing. Thanks for your time and effort. You are not alone.


  4. WTF! Just kidding! Good luck! I am on the journey with you!


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