I’m So Glad You Came!

I hadn’t seen my old friend Gert since 2009, the year her husband died.  I got married at the end of that year and moved to Nova Scotia not long afterwards. I have returned to Montreal a few times since then but on each visit the time passed so quickly that I never made the effort to get out to see her, a fact that made both of us a little sad.

So I hadn’t seen her in more than three years.

Dave and I decided to make a quick trip to Quebec at the beginning of the summer and I emailed Gert that we would be coming out to visit her. I’m sure that her life has been difficult and lonely since 2009, and combined with physical ailments, I hoped that she would welcome a visit from me.


Never underestimate the value of offering yourself to someone else…

She greeted us; cat Micah in arms, with the biggest smile on her face and hugs so big the poor cat almost got squashed in all the hugging. Then we sat down in old familiar chairs in the kitchen and started to talk about what we each were up to, we reminisced about old times and we brought each other up to date with our respective children.

She told me about her upcoming trip to Newfoundland to see her family.

I told her about my plans to have a picnic in the lavender fields outside town.

She told me about her ailments, but what was the point in complaining about them because no one wants to hear about it.

I told her what a hard time I had adjusting to life in rural Nova Scotia, but that everything was fine now.

All too soon our time was up and we were once again at the door, saying goodbye, come again, keep in touch, don’t be a stranger…

And I was left with the image of my old friend Gert standing in the doorway, Micah in arms, with a smile so big her face was glowing as she said, “Chris, I’m so glad you came!”

Sometimes we don’t stop to think that someone out there might be tickled pink to hear from us. We are so busy with our lives that we think everyone else is busy with their lives as well.

I called an old friend not too long ago; we hadn’t talked in well over a year. We went on chatting for quite awhile, each of us just so happy to connect again. And when it was time to hang up, she said to me, “Chris, I’m so glad you called!”

Wow! It didn’t take much effort on my part but it sure felt good afterwards. I had felt little promptings from God to reach out and I finally did it.

They say that the love transformation happens when we offer ourselves. In so doing we not only brighten up another person’s day, but we receive from them also.

And in those every day things, holiness happens:

Joy, Happiness, Peace, Gladness

                    Try it; you’ll be amazed.


3 thoughts on “I’m So Glad You Came!

  1. What a lovely thing to do Chrissie! You brought happiness to those you reached out to as well as yourself.Well done ,my friend.Perhaps,it is time for all to pay it forward !


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