A Lavender Kind of Show

If you know me, you know that I love lavender! My Pinterest board is full of Lavenderish ideas and des belles photos of la lavande. Not only that, when I arrived here in Nova Scotia, I immediately bought 60 lavender plants.

Yes, 60. And this year I plan to put 30 more!

They are in four rows of 15 in my front yard. This year will be their (as well as my) third year here in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia. Lavender takes about three years to mature, so this year should be great!

Funny, even though I love it here in the Annapolis Valley, it has also taken me three years to get my roots firmly planted. I now have a few circles of friends and more activities than I have time to do.

My love of lavender started in 2009 when I worked at La Maison Lavande , a beautiful lavender farm in St. Eustache, Quebec. There I learned all about the cultivation of lavender as well as its many benefits. During the short seven months I worked there, before moving to Nova Scotia, I became hooked.

And that’s why, in my craft shows this year, I will showcase ‘la lavande’. I have always made my crafts according to what is popular in the area and what I think will sell well.  I often found myself working on projects that were not a lot of fun- but they sold well.

They say that you should ‘follow your passion’, and the success will follow. Well, this year I intend to do just that.

So my table will be predominantly lavender purple, and off-white; here are a few things I have been working on up to now.

These have been made from vintage scrabble games…in both French and English.

Scrabble anyone?

Scrabble anyone?

Beautiful cotton dishcloths crocheted in purple and off white.

Beautiful cotton dishcloths knitted in purple and off white.

The lavender came from my front yard; don’t ask me where the wheat came from. I’ll never tell!

Lavender and wheat wreath

Lavender and wheat wreath

The gorgeous jug in this pic came from, where else? Provence, France. A little something I picked up in a second hand shop where the owner was this older man, so anxious to please and so happy to have made a sale.

I couldn't resist this one...does anyone recognize the picture in the background?

I couldn’t resist this one…does anyone recognize the picture in the background?

I have many more things to follow; some of them will require fresh lavender which I will have at the end of July, and others I will show you as I get to them.

I am excited!


6 thoughts on “A Lavender Kind of Show

  1. Omg,Everything is just gorgeous! You are a person of many talents
    I def.need some lavendar in the bathroom once Billy gets out.lol!!!


  2. Lovely!
    With so much Lavender nearby you must be the calmest person in the planet! I’m envious!!!


  3. Love it!!! Your table will be bluetiful!!! This is as close to lavender as I can get!


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