On the Beach at Lourdes, Newfoundland

I used to work in a little shop not far from where I live. The high points of my days were when customers would come in and we would engage in conversations about everything and anything. It doesn’t usually take anyone long to figure out that I am from Newfoundland. So one day a woman came in and we started talking.

My accent was almost as strong as hers. If you know a Newfoundland accent, then you know what I mean. We got talking about life on the “Rock”, and exchanged a couple of anecdotes.

So she told me a true story that happened one time when she was visiting back home, Lourdes to be precise. There is a lovely beach there, just right for taking a long walk.

She decided that it had been a long time since she had a good ole walk, and one on the lovely beach at Lourdes was not to be missed.  She dragged  her reluctant friend along to savour the salty air. They were strolling down the beach when they ran in to a couple of nuns, Presentation sisters, in their long black habits.

Since it is a small community and everyone knows everyone else, they greeted the nuns by name, Mary and Catherine.

And among the rotting fish heads swarming with flies and maggots they started to have a conversation that you could never imagine.

The four of them were talking about getting older, being menopausal, and about how the nighttime hot flashes were intolerable; and how sometimes they had to stick their faces in the freezer just to get some relief.

Now I ask you,

“Where else on earth but Newfoundland can you go for a walk on the beach and run into a couple of nuns and have a spirited conversation about menopause?”

4 thoughts on “On the Beach at Lourdes, Newfoundland

  1. Wow What an lovely and interesting story but as you say”only on the Rock”!
    Thanx for sharing!


  2. Brought a smile to my face and a chuckle!


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