Harvesting the Lavender

The past week has seen me out in my (almost) lavender field, competing with the bees, and harvesting my very first crop of beautiful, sweet smelling lavender. I am so thrilled to be doing this now; two years ago when I bought sixty tiny lavender plants, I could only dream of actually harvesting my own.

Normally the lavender harvest would take place toward the end of July, but given the warm temperatures we’ve been having, it took me by surprise by being ready almost three weeks early! So out I went, scissors and twine in hand, and started cutting. I piled the lavender flowers into little bundles and laid them on the grass. When I had worked my way through the day’s quota, I tied each bundle very tightly  for drying. You have to do this because as the stems dry, they shrink. So if they are bound quite tightly they won’t start to fall out.  And then I hung them up, putting an oscillating fan in front to speed up the drying and to prevent mold. I actually used our clothes drying rack; nothing like having multi-purpose items in the house, n’est-ce pas?

Don’t they look absolutely lovely?


Now I have some projects in  mind for this precious lavender. The first one will involve wheat…which I “gleaned” from an unknowing farmer’s field. Here it is drying:

We’re heading to PEI for a few days, and when we come back both the lavender and the wheat should be ready for what I have in store…

3 thoughts on “Harvesting the Lavender

  1. Looks like you have found yourself…again!


  2. Whatever you do with it, I want some to hang in my bedroom!!! Have a great trip!


  3. Everything looks just gorgeous ! Who would have thought someday you’d be a farmer .lol! The weather is definitely better down there than here!!!

    Enjoy your trip.


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