Lavender is in Full Flower!

The month of June has flown by so fast I just have not had time to get back to you with my lavender and blueberries project! My youngest son graduated from high school, and at the same time my husband of almost three years retired from teaching at the same school!

And so begins a new chapter of life for the three of us: this fall, my son will attend university here in Nova Scotia, the same one that my husband and I attended. My husband and I will have time to do a little traveling, home improvement and spending more time together. Life’s good.

In the past couple of weeks my little lavender patch has grown and flowered. In fact, the flowers are ready for cutting. This is early by any standard, as lavender is usually cut around the end of July, but given the rain and warm temps we’ve had, everything is early this year.

Did you know that if you cut off the flowers in July, there will be another smaller flowering in September? Most people don’t know that about lavender…but you have to cut off the flowers from the first flowering in order to get the September ones.

The lavender is so beautiful!


Don’t ask me why some of the flowers are white and some are the typical deep purple. I must have inadvertently bought different varieties. I like the white ones a lot!

Six out of ten of my high bush blueberry bushes are bringing forth fruit this year. It looks like there will be more than enough for a couple of bowls of my favorite fruit this summer. I don’t know what happened to the other four bushes, but I am a very patient woman (just don’t ask my husband about this), and I’ll wait to see what happens.


I’ll be back with a little project I’m doing with the lavender…

3 thoughts on “Lavender is in Full Flower!

  1. Hey thank you Raylene! When are you going to be in NS?? And WHERE will you be in NS?


    • We are leaving early Monday .We will be all over NS but our main base will be Antigonish .Don’t worry we plan on seeing you guys….maybe you’ll want to postpose your trip when you know we’re getting! You should Pat Redmond a dingle 902 566 3242.We are going to take our fifth wheel and drop in and see her.Enjoy your trip and we’ll catch up to you later.


  2. Everything looks great ! Congrates to Dave on his retirement I know Sept will be a difficult month for him once school begins.You’ll be just beaming with joy when your son graduates from X .I knew we were when both of ours did.Oh the times we had at that place .lol!!
    Thanx for the lavender and blueberry updates.


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